New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

I’m speechless! Not much I can say here except just take it all in. Sadly I have more questions about the movie after watching the new trailer than I ever did.

I have a few questions that I am sure will go unanswered until December 18th but here they are anyway.

  • Who exactly is Rey?
  • Is Finn reallly a Jedi in training or are they setting us up for a twist?
  • Does Han Solo die?
  • Will it have some of the trademark humor or be all ” Abram dark”?
  • Who is talking in the trailer?
  • who is Kylo Ren exactly?

Okay I could go on and on but lets get to it. Feast you eyes!


Supergirl: First Look

Seems like Superheroes are taking over the big screen AND the small screen these days. Between Arrow,The Flash, Gotham, Agents of Shield and even more on the way

The latest hero to land on TV screens is none other than Supergirl !

Have a look below at the First Look trailer to get you primed for its Fall release.

It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s not a man. It’s Supergirl. In the new drama from the world of DC Comics, Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, embraces her superhuman abilities and becomes the hero she was always meant to be. This Fall on CBS.

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Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 gets a Release Date

The wait is almost over ! It has been announced that June 20th will be the Season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels. Game Nexus is a big fan of the show and started publishing reviews for the tail end of season 1 which you can find HERE. We will pick up reviewing Season 2 right out of the gate so make sure that you tune in every week for our updates.

The Rebels season two premiere, Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal, was shown to certain attendees during the 2015 Star Wars Celebration, ahead of its official premiere on Disney X.D on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

“The Siege of Lothal” will catch up with Ezra (Taylor Grey), Kanan (Freddie Prinze Jr.), Sabine (Tiya Sircar), Zeb (Steve Blum), Hera, and their droid Chopper as they all find themselves facing their greatest enemy yet: Darth Vader (James Earl Jones, reprising his iconic voice role), who’s taken charge of the Empire’s effort to stomp out the Lothal resistance – including, the not-fully-trained Jedi among its ranks.

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Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Trailer reveal

Its still going to be a long wait for Season 2 of the new cartoon series Star Wars Rebels, however we do have the new Season 2 Trailer to tide us over.

If you read our Season 1 Finale review HERE you will remember that the producers of last season have set up some new plot threads that I am happy to see will be expanded on in Season 2. Between Darth Vader, the return of Clone Troopers and a handful of Sith /Inquisitors and a HUGE tease of a confrontation between Kanan and Vader; Season 2 looks to take this series in a whole new darker direction more reminiscent of Empire Strikes Back.

Feast your eyes below and sound off in the comment section to let us know your thoughts on it.

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser #2 Breakdown

Its Real and its coming this December! The internet has been torn asunder this year with all the information being revealed about the upcoming start of a new Trilogy set in the post Return of the Jedi time frame. Ranging from behind the scenes tweets to full on movie set photos we have been lucky to live in a generation of film making that embraces a certain level of audience interaction. We live in a time where directors can ” Tweet” snippets as they happen and the traditional trailer has birthed a smaller less meaty offspring called a teaser.

I am currently torn on how much of the Force Awakens I want to expose myself to before I sit my but in a movie theater seat on opening night and so far I have only indulged in the reveal Teaser (#1) and now this new one ( Teaser #2)

Revealed today at the Star Wars celebration that is running from the 16th-19th ; you cant surf the internet without watching it or reading an article talking about it. Such is the world we live in now. I thought however I would do something a little different here at Game Nexus and give you our Trailer Breakdown with a series of screen shots and some perspective comments courtesy of yours truly. Keep in mind that I have not been digging around the internet on details or back story at this point so my observations will probably be from a passive fan and not have a lot of spoilers based on my own internet digging. In other words…I don’t know much and I’m going to love the movie more because of it.

The Official Logo

The Force awakens logo

We all knew the name of the movie by now but its interesting to see the new way they are displaying it on screen without the ” Episode VII” moniker.

A New Planet

Crashed star destroyer xwing

This scene all of a sudden becomes a lot less EPIC compared to the crashed Star Destroyer…

At first glance this appears to be a shot of a crashed Star Destroyer ( with a Rebel X wing in the foreground) on the planet Tatooine; the popular planet that features in every single Star Wars movie to date ( Well except Empire Strikes Back). According to J.J Abrahms the planet is actually called ” Jakku”. Nevertheless , the imagery is amazing and the first time we have ever seen a Star Destroyer grounded and not floating menacingly in space. Its a very cool shot that creates a true sense of scale for these massive warships that we have never seen before. My guess is that we will not actually get any context for this and have it simply be an establishing shot of the planet early on.

Memories of Vader

Darth Vader crsushed helmet

The person looking at his helmet would have to had wait for the fire to burn out and the Ewok party to conclude then sneak in and retrieve the helmet???

This scene is very confusing for me. Not only do we not see who is looking at the helmet of Darth Vader but the mere fact that his helmet is still around 30 years later baffles me. The only thing I can think of is that someone retrieved it from the fire that Luke created to burn his fathers body back on Endor. This is quite possibly the films new villain as I doubt Luke would burn Anakin’s body only to take the time to salvage the helmet for a twisted keepsake. The state of the helmet looks like it is fire damaged and mangled enough to fit my theory but I am very excited to see the why’s and what’s of this scene. I just hope it is explained and doesn’t become another plot gap that has become commonplace in the Star Wars saga.


Luke metal hand

There is really only one person this could be and even though we don’t see his/her face I couldn’t help but get all tingly inside at the mere sight of Artoo and a bionic handed figure with a all too familiar cloak/hood. I am convinced this is Luke Skywalker especially considering the audio track lands on ” I have it” in reference to Luke’s voice over talking about the Force. When last we saw Luke he had a black glove covering his bionic hand but its safe to assume that he has ditched it in the intervening 30 years or so and even made some upgrades as far as the technology goes. I cant wait for his reveal and what exactly he has been up to. Nice to see he has his trusty droid by his side still.

A new generation of Jedi

saber hand off

Going by the audio track it seems that Luke is speaking to another individual regarding their ability to use the Force. In the scene we see an unidentified individual handing another a lightsabre while saying ” …and you have it” The marketing folks over at Lucasfilm where very clever to avoid stating WHO exactly he was referring to but my money is on either one Lei and Han’s children ( If they have any) or Luke’s child, but that is a stretch because the last we saw Mr. Galaxy Saving Jedi he didn’t have any romantic attachment to anyone. Simply plunking a back story on Luke falling in love and having children would be a tough sell so Ill side with the former theory.

Star fighters in an atmosphere!

xwing squadron

Xwing hero
Are we looking at the new Wedge Antilles?

Drawing a similar theme from the opening shot JJ once again takes a familiar image and puts in a completely different context/environment. This is the first time in Star Wars history that viewers have seen X wing operate in a planetary atmosphere. Fans of the comics and Expanded universe via novels will not see the big deal with this shot but for those who only indulged in the movies it will be a eye opener. I felt a sort of Top Gun vibe to this scene and the follow up shot of the pilot yelling at the top of his lungs really drive home the thrilling feel of the X Wings zipping over a body of water on their way to who knows what.

“Two Heroes and a little Droid”

heroes running

Again I claim ignorance as to the details on all the central characters in the Force Awakens and I’m sure I will  only be able to hold out for so long but this shot clearly shows the central Heroes in the movie. The woman in the scene is apparently a local resident of Jakku and the male is supposedly the movies main protagonist. The little bouncing ball is a droid companion of the woman and the three of them make up the character focal points of this new Space Opera.

The Empire is Reborn

Is that a nice new flag in the background?
new villian
Please make it to Episode 8 whoever you are!

No official word on the state of our lovely ” Men in White” hasnt been discussed yet but we have been told that the term ” Empire” is no longer being used to describe them. Organized under the name ” The First Order”, the former Empire have some lovely redesigned Stormtroopers and a terrifying new Sith Lord ( again Im assuming here) to lead them. I cant shake a very Star Wars Old Republic feel to this new Sith an even though he has a helmet that conceals his visage it seems to me that he will be an ongoing threat. I only hope that he doesn’t get the ” Darth Maul Treatment” and get killed off in the first movie he stars in.

Oh Hello Ms.Badass 

chrome trooper

A new sheriff in town?

You notice I referred to the character in this shot as a “She”. I have heard rumblings on the internet alluding to this theory but when you look at the armor a little closer I think you can make out the specific characteristics of a female breastplate as this “Chrome trooper” walks towards the screen. I don’t know about you but I’m getting some very strong Boba Fett vibes from this scene not to mention that adding a cape on the arm of a cool looking Storm Trooper armor just ups the Bad Assery meter! I’m thinking that we will have a new fan favorite on our hands.

Oh how we missed you Han

Han and Chewie 1

falcon chased
The Falcon is still the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!

If you haven’t felt it yet this scene should have pushed your fan boy/girl emotions in to high gear. I have been scared for years that Harrison Ford would not be able to channel his original acting mojo when playing Han Solo. My biggest fear was that we would get a stiff cranky old Harrison Ford trying to act like Han Solo. Growing up I idolized Han Solo and his charming demeanor. He had a swagger and a arsenal of smirks and witty comments at his disposal. If Harrison Ford couldn’t nail the part he created then all of this hype and build up would be for naught. I am happy to say he nailed it and even though it was a short scene with a rather corny line that had no reference, I still almost lost it. Sure he has aged and probably isn’t as physical as he used to be but its FREAKING HAN SOLO! The only complain I have with this shot is that Chewie seems to actually look younger and more streamlined. Perhaps he is having a ” Good Fur Day” but I’m not sure if they nailed his look. You would think that someone would take the time to browse the archive of reference photos. Its a small complaint and the same one that people cried about over Yoda in the prequel trilogy. Did I mention….HAN SOLO ?!?!?!?!

Well there you go Game Nexus followers. Thanks for tuning in and getting a glimpse of what I took home from the Teaser #2.Lets hope I can keep the barrage of spoilers and marketing materials at bay until the popcorn hits my lips on December 18th !

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash

Marvel’s Ant-Man Trailer

For a lot of casual movie goers this new entry in the ever evolving Marvel comic book turned movie onslaught will be sneaking up on them, which is to say that there has been no powerful marketing lead up to it nor is the actual hero involved a particularly well known superhero. With some excellent casting and what looks to be some dazzling special effects we cold very well have another  hit on our hands from those creative folks over at Marvel/Disney.

For those of you who are not familiar with who Ant-Man is and how he fits into all of the cogs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have a read below;then enjoy the new trailer.

Star Wars Rebels: Fire Across the Galaxy Review

Im filled with mixed emotions as I write this review. Star Wars Rebels season 1 is now officially over and I know there will be a long wait until Season 2 starts up . That fills me with much sadness.
Maybe it will take that long to wipe the grin off my face.

If how much the inner fanboy in me was indulged was a barometer for how awesome an episode of Rebels is ; then I can safely say that this episode was off the chart!
An argument could be made about how the shows writers have been mining various set pieces and scenes from the Star Wars movies and reshaping them for the shows audience all season; but can we really fault them for that?  Epic Light Saber duels and spectacular space battles all culminated in THE best episode of the season.

” Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you could ever imagine….errr wait”

The first season of rebels has been a ” Slow Boil” and it wasn’t until mid season that we really started to get a sense of the danger our crew of heroes was facing. Last weeks episode was an eye opener to be sure with Kanan getting captured by Grand Moff Tarkin and hauled off to who knows where to get interrogated ( Which is never fun when Imperial Inquisitors are concerned)

A few more Tattoo’s and some horns and we would have had a perfect recreation.

The 30 min running time was cutting it close for all the key moments that this episode needed  to deliver on and between rescuing Kanan, finally revealing who Fulcrum was and resolving the ongoing grudge between the Inquisitor and our Heroes ; it was almost as though the show was busting at the seems with story content. Luckily it was guided by a skillful hand and every point was hit with accuracy that almost made Luke Skywalkers “One in a million” shot that blew up the Death Star, look bad.
Speaking of Star Wars references; this episode was full of them. Most of them where indirect and more like Homages but keen observers can clearly draw parallels between Phantom Menace’s Jedi/Sith set piece  with  Obi Wan, Qui Gon Jinn  vs Darth Maul and the Kanon/Ezra/Inquisitor showdown. The setting was a series of precarious walkways with vertical shafts of light that made me have a severe case of Deja Vu. It didn’t help matters that the Inquisitor also wielded a double bladed Lightsaber  and proved to be incredibly adept at fending off two Jedi ( well one Jedi and an Apprentice) at the same time. Im almost entirely sure that it was totally pre meditated on Dave Filoni’s part ;but regardless It worked

All we needed was to hear ” Its a TRAP!” and our souls would be at rest.

Between the tense moments waiting to see if Hera and the boys would get past the Imperial boarding protocol ( Heavy channeling of Return of the Jedi “Fly Casual” scene) and the exhilarating evacuation of the Star Destroyer as it blew up from the inside, everything came together nicely and not once did I feel that the show was being rushed just to wrap things up. It came to a natural conclusion albeit shorter than what I would have liked.
The real stand out moment of this episode came in the closing minutes when we finally get to see the true identity of the mysterious “Fulcrum” . The whole season we have been hearing the name and slowly developing a sense of curiosity of who Hera’s secretive contact is and ” Fire Across the Galaxy”  pulled the curtain back in a very casual fashion( Fulcrum literally just climbed down a ladder into full view).
I’ll be honest; this one took me by surprise and even though Im sure fans have speculated this for awhile now , I had no idea that Ahsoka Tano would make her appearance in Star Wars Rebels let alone turn out to be Fulcrum.

Oh how we missed you Ahsoka.

Having watched a lot of the Rebels Predecessor ; The Clone Wars, I  appreciated the return of this fan favourite from that show but I’m not sure if her presence in this episode made sense aside from the shock factor.Im sure that next season we will get a lot more backstory on what she has been up to since the Clone Wars and why she is actively helping the growing  Rebellion.

Sh@#$t just got real for the Rebellion !

If the big reveal didn’t satiate your appetite enough the closing scene that bookended season 1 should have . While It didn’t have the same shock factor it nonetheless was cool to see Darth Vader himself show up on screen in person alongside the Grand Moff. After watching it I realized that we where watching the early years version of Vader where he was subservient to Tarkin before he assumed the role of the Empires guiding force. My only complaint is that all we got was a brief glimpse of him walking down the ramp of the Imperial Shuttle and a very brief explanation ( as if we needed one) as to why the Sith Lord was in tow behind him. Come on guys; would it have killed you to grab James Earl Jones for a few minutes of voice work ?

With lots of questions I am hoping to continue on reporting about upcoming Star Wars Rebels news and information as we start the slow crawl towards season 2. Make sure you follow us and check back often if you like my coverage and thanks for visiting our new site.

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash

Star Wars Rebels: Call to Action Review

Wow! What an episode!
This week’s Rebels kicked off with some pretty serious tones and didn’t let up until the credits rolled. This was Star Wars Rebels at its darkest yet and gave The Empire Strikes Back a run for its money in that respect.

“Call to Action” started off with an almost shot for shot recreation of Darth Vaders arrival on the the new Death Star during the opening scene of Return of the Jedi except in this case it was Grand Moff Tarkin walking down the ramp of the Lambda Class  T-4a Shuttle.
As soon as he stepped off the ramp you got the sense that things where about to get grim for our merry band of Rebels.lambda Tarkin is being voiced by Stephen Stanton; who is the same actor who voiced him in the Clone Wars and in my opinion he does an excellent job of channeling Peter Cushing ( The actor who portrayed Tarkin in Star Wars: A New Hope) .

Tarkin’s arrival signaled a distinct shift for Rebels and really drove home a sense of impending dread and consequence for the heroes of the show. Up to this point we have had some run ins with the Empire but outside of the Inquisitor nothing that had the feeling that there was any severe consequences if they failed their missions.Rebels_Tarkin Yes there have been some interesting stories but in the end the series has painted Kanan and crew as infallible. All that changed with this episode.

Its presumed that Grand Moff Tarkin has been sent to Lothal to ensure that this ” Spark of Rebellion” is extinguished and that word of the Empires Contingent on the planet is just not getting the job done. He makes reference to the Empires tolerance for failure that is reminiscent of Darth Vaders comments to the various Lieutenants in the original trilogy. There is a scene early on wherein Tarkin and the Inquisitor are debriefing some imperial officers and as the meeting is nearing its end you know its not going to end well for the officers. I literally dropped my jaw after seeing how Tarkin dealt with their incompetence.

The bulk of the episode had the Rebels hatching a plan to infiltrate an Imperial broadcast tower and plant a data spike that would allow them to upload there own message across the galaxy to potentially hundreds of planets in other systems essentially acting as a pirate broadcast to counter the Imperials own propaganda brainwashing. Original Trilogy references and call backs were abound ranging from Speeder Bike chases to Imperial Probe Droids. It was also nice to see Ezra use the force to help the group get out of a particularly goose bump inducing situation rather than relying on a traditional Blaster Shoot out.
The entire middle act was building to a clearly obvious showdown with the Kanan and the Inquisitor especially since he was referenced continually through the episode as the leader of the Rebel cell and the focus of Tarkins efforts. The Inquisitor having been shamed earlier in the show also had a personal grudge in play.

Such a Badass moment!

At times in the laters minutes of the show I just wanted to reach through the screen and warn my friends that I have grown so attached to this entire season but alas there was nothing I could do to prevent the outcome that I new the show was building towards. Seeing the scene with Kanan ushering his friends away while he stayed behind to prevent the Imperials from following put a lump in my throat. When the Inquisitor landed to confront him and Kanan using his sabre to fry the doors control panel confirmed my fear; Kanan was not getting out of this one.

Our heroes departed Lothal grudgingly without Kanan and managed to get a short broadcast out before the tower was destroyed. Kanan stared into the distance as the tower fell and we got a close up shot of Hera vowing that this “wasn’t over”.reb_ia_7871

Mixed emotions and a solid dose of stress and nerves as the events of this episode played out where the highlights for me. Very few episodes this season evoked a sense of dread and fear for our characters like this one and if “Call to Action” was any indication of what we have in store for the season finale; I wouldn’t miss it!

Stay tuned for my Season one finale review.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


Star Wars Rebels: Vision of Hope Review

This weeks Rebels Episode introduced viewers to a new aspect of the show that we haven’t seen yet since the show debuted; Betrayal.  The show has done a fine job of balancing its tone this season between a light hearted romp in the pre ” A New Hope” era of the Star Wars Universe and the more darker elements of the Empire and its oppressive control over the universe. This is an ongoing balancing act that Im sure the producers of the show are always aware of and it shows here how effective they are at pulling it off.

Vision of Hope starts off with Kanan conducting a training exercise with Ezra  in a clearing on Lothal. It was interesting to see that the show is jumping right into showing Ezra’s Jedi training rather than taking us on a ” baby step” guide to the training. Im not sure what it is but Im not a big fan of Ezra’s Lightsabre design. I get that he is a tinkerer and his sabre reflects that sensibility by incorporating a blaster in its design but whomever came up with the concept should read some message board forums and see the kind of hate too big of a departure from established sabre designs get…( Im looking at you JJ Abrams)

That aside I will say that the way our Heroes get thrown into this weeks episode tickled my nostalgic bone nicely. The whole vision thing invoked Empire Strikes Back’s “Vision of Cloud city” scene with Luke Skywalker and Yoda except this time Yoda/Kanan was more than happy to go gallivanting on a risky quest to see what it all meant.

So this Senator in exile is waiting to hold a meeting in an abandoned hall?

The basic just to this weeks installment is that the Rebels come across a routine transmission from a Senator-in-exile Gall Trayvis who is sympathetic to the fight against the Empire ( At this point its really only our own Heroes). They realize that the Senator is actually embedding cryptic messages and hint in his transmissions that would lead potential Rebels against the Empire to a rendezvous.  In this case it turns out that the Rendevouz is on the planet Lothan; Kanan and Co.’s stomping grounds. It doesnt take much for the team to decipher the message and head out to meet with the senator in hopes of recruiting him to their cause. The team could always use a older outspoken ex diplomat right ?

The episode moved along at a brisk pace as most Rebels episodes do and never really felt like the producers where glossing over anything important or skipping anything.
That being said if you where to watch this episode as a stand alone viewing without having watched any of the seasons previous stories, then you may have a hard time trying to figure out how all the pieces of this puzzle are fitting together. Characters from previous episodes and references to past events play a strong part of “Vision”.

One gripe I had was how the Rebels managed to figure out where this super secret meeting place was supposed to take place . Th clues where not really well concealed and even Kanan himself voices his disbelief with Ezra simply brushing it aside with a lame excuse ” He’s smart “..Ughhh

Vision of Hope was filled with so many cool scenes ranging from character moments to impressive use of Jedi Force powers  ( The more I see Kanan use the Force the more I’m convinced that his character needs to get some star treatment down the ride….video games anyone?)

Perhaps the coolest scene in the episode was when you start to see Hera get wise to the senators impending betrayal and in a move lifted write from Die Hard ( The first and best one) she hands him a blaster pistol to ” protect himself”. It is then that he turns on the group and use his newly acquired blaster to fire on Ezra and Hera….well thats what he had planned. Channeling her inner John Mclain she makes a witty comment about handing over a loaded blaster and then dispatches him herself. Most of this episodes viewers will not even get the reference; heck I’m not even sure if the writers even realized it but its there in all its Hans Gruber VS Bruce Willis glory!

Mystery, action and betrayal all wrapped up nicely in this weeks episode and even though we didn’t get much in the way of plot development with any of the major characters, we did still get a solid dose of classic Star wars action complete with Storm Troopers who cant hit the broad side of a Bantha Barn!

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