Since its the long weekend here in BC Canada , I thought I would give all you Super Hero Role Playing fanatics something to nibble on. I have been working on new character sheets to go along with my upcoming Marvel heroic Online Game session < eventually a face to face one as well>. Continue reading “Going HEROIC”


Star Wars Imperial Assault gets an Expansion in 2015

Disclaimer: The following is pulled directly from the Fantasy Flight Games official Website and is re published here in an effort to create awareness of this product. I encourage everyone to visit http://www.fantasyflightgames.com and review the product for themselves.
-Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

“Echo station 3-T-8, we have spotted Imperial walkers.”
–Echo Base Officer, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Return to Hoth, a new expansion for Imperial Assault!

The secret Rebel base on Hoth has been discovered by the Empire. Imperial Star Destroyers blockade the planet from above and Imperial forces descend the surface, led by Darth Vader, and bringing the battle to the entrenched Rebels. As the Rebel heroes flee from the icy planet of Hoth, they have no idea that events ahead may force them to make a desperate gamble and return to the dangers of Hoth!

Return to Hoth is a new expansion for Imperial Assault, offering new content for both campaigns and skirmishes. A brand-new full-length campaign invites you to escape the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth and protect a colony of Rebel refugees from the depredations of the Empire. Meanwhile, four new skirmish missions bring your forces to the icy expanses of Hoth and new rules for four-player skirmish games invite you to experience massive, multi-fronted skirmishes with up to three opponents! 

 Whether you’re playing a narrative campaign or a fast-paced skirmish, the addition of thirty-seven double-sided terrain tiles invites your heroes to travel the snowy wastes of Hoth and race through the claustrophobic corridors of Echo Base. Sixteen sculpted plastic figures also arrive for you to command in campaigns and skirmishes – three new heroes, six Snowtroopers, two Wampas, four HK Assassin Droids, and a SC2-M Repulsor Tank! With new Agenda cards, Class cards, Deployment cards, Item cards, Mission cards, and Supply cards, Return to Hoth expands every game of Imperial Assault.

In addition, four new Ally Packs and Villain Packs correspond with the Return to Hoth expansion, highlighting the most iconic characters introduced in this expansion and offering new cards and missions for campaigns and skirmishes. You can command Imperial forces across the sector with General Sorin, seek a diplomatic solution with Leia Organa, fight bravely with the Echo Base Troopers, or punish your foes as the deadly bounty hunter, Dengar. For more information on these figure packs, visit their announcement article! 

Return to Hoth contains three heroes, six Snowtroopers, four HK Assassin Droids, two Wampas, and one SC2-M Repulsor Tank.

Echo Base Defense

Three new heroes join the forces of the Rebel Alliance at Echo Base in the Return to Hoth expansion. You might heal your friends and protect them from the cold as the loyal medical droid, MHD-19. MHD-19 has been trained in thousands of medical procedures and will go to any lengths to protect his companions – even taking up arms against Imperial soldiers! Alternatively, you could join the Mon Cala special forces and take down your foes from afar as Loku Kanoloa, a deadly marksman. Loku Kanoloa relies on clever battlefield reconnaissance to bring down his targets, placing recon tokens and gaining a host of benefits for attacking enemies with recon tokens. Finally, you may engage in vital operations for the Rebellion as Verena Talos. This deadly operative is eager to take revenge for the destruction of Echo Base, and she’s a fearsome opponent in a campaign or a skirmish. Each of these heroes also features unique talents and abilities in their Class decks, which make playing each hero a dramatically different experience. We’ll explore all of these heroes in much more detail in a future preview.

New Item cards and Supply cards allow you to further customize your heroes as you move through the campaign, whether you’re on Hoth or not. You might purchase a DDC Defender , a pistol that can perform up to three attacks every turn, or you might customize your weapon with a Under-Barrel HH-4 modification. This expanded barrel not only improves your accuracy, it helps you spread your fire across a group of figures.

Return to Hoth also introduces nine new Command cards, granting you new tactics to employ in the skirmish game.Set a Trap allows you to choose any map tile at the start of a round. If you and your opponent both have a figure on that tile at the end of the round, you can perform a free attack with your figure! If you field Loku Kanoloa in your army, you may use Coordinated Attack to have two figures attack the same target simultaneously, potentially destroying a single large target before it can strike! Whether you field these new Rebel heroes in the skirmish game or in your campaign, they have the power to turn the tables against the forces of the Empire.

The Might of the Empire

The Rebellion gains access to several new heroes, but new figures are also eager to join the Imperial and Mercenaries factions. Snowtroopers are similar to Stormtroopers, but benefit from improved surge abilities and insulated Environmental Recovery Gear that can protect them from the freezing cold of Hoth. As the Snowtroopers swarm forward on foot, you can support their attacks with the raw firepower of an SC2-M Repulsor Tank. Meanwhile, the Mercenaries of the galaxy gain some deadly new warriors and monsters. HK Assassin Droids use their advanced technology to gain the upper hand on biological targets and no creature knows the icy wastelands of Hoth as well as the Wampas . When faced with such dangerous enemies, even the greatest Rebel heroes will have a fight cut out for them.   

The Empire receives more than just more figures, of course. Two new Agenda sets – Natural Warfare and Defensive Tactics – open the door for you to pursue the heroes with punishing effects throughout the campaign. You may equip your warriors with personal shield generators, or loose a deadly Creature against the Rebels. In addition to these Agenda cards, two new Imperial classes allow you to modify your forces and tailor them to suit whatever gameplay style you prefer. The Precision Training class improves your figures’ attacks with cards like Find the Weakness , while the Armored Onslaught class allows you to use the Empire’s Vehicles to destroy the Rebels withExplosive Munitions . With these new Class cards and Agenda cards, the Empire gains a host of punishing effects to level against the Rebellion.

Bane or Boon

Return to Hoth also introduces a new type of mission as the beleaguered Rebels flee from the Battle of Hoth. This new type of mission is a threat mission, and it gives the Imperial player a new way to demonstrate the power of his nearly limitless resources. Like normal side missions, two threat missions enter play at the beginning of a campaign, and the heroes may choose to undertake the mission anytime that they would choose a side mission. The heroes may choose to ignore threat missions – but as long as a threat mission remains in play, the Imperial player has a Bane Reward card at his disposal.


For example, while the Survival of the Fittest threat mission is in play, the Imperial player gains the Weary from ToilBane Reward card, which forces each hero to suffer strain equal to his activation tokens at the beginning of each mission! However, if the Rebels can fight back against despair and complete a threat mission, the rewards can be significant. If the Rebels successfully complete Survival of the Fittest, the Weary from Toil Bane is converted into theInvigorated by Success Boon, which the Rebel heroes can use once to recover from strain. With the addition of threat missions to the Return to Hoth campaign, the Empire’s power grows more oppressive and the Rebels receive an additional incentive to bring them down.

The Icy Planet

The Rebels may escape from the Empire at the Battle of Hoth, but Imperial forces will never stop searching for them. To stop Imperial operations and safeguard a colony of helpless refugees, the heroes of the Rebellion even dare to return to Hoth! With new heroes and dangerous villains, alongside dozens of new cards for the campaign and skirmish games, Return to Hoth changes your games of Imperial Assault forever!

Look for Return to Hoth at your local retailer in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Robotech RPG Retrospective

Roleplaying games have been a part of my life since I was in 6th grade. I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons and then started seeking out other games to sink my teeth into. I have always been a creative individual and my younger years where spent doing things like re enacting key action scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark to training to be a Ninja ( this was the 80’s remember), and watching almost every movie/cartoon that had larger than life Heroes and Fantastical Worlds to explore. Stands to reason then that the animated series Robotech struck a special cord with me. Continue reading “Robotech RPG Retrospective”

Pleading with 5th: I Stepped in What?!

Pleading with 5th is an opinion piece about my personal experiences with the Dungeons and Dragons: 5th Edition Roleplaying System and the events of my gaming group that I explore it with.  The articles are not intended to describe actual events or people, or to suggest any sponsorship or association with any person or entity.  No animals were harmed in the experience or writing of these articles, only feelings.  Viewer discretion is advised.

There are times, especially when faced with players adept at beating physical and combative trials, that the most effective and challenging enemy is the very land they tread upon.

Magical Forests repelling intruders, Desert Wastelands where hydration and exposure are as critical as rolling to hit, or an Unstable Mountainside where mudslides and falling rocks could spell disaster in an instant; Any of these can provide just as much as challenge as any group of monsters.  You may also find it provokes them into some creative problem solving, or a realization that they didn’t really properly pack for the trip.  SHOVELS PEOPLE!  BRING SHOVELS!

For my wayward Adventuring party, I wanted to spend a little more time letting Garrik Towerfall (as played by Josh) explore his relationship with the Orb.  I’d show the rest of the party the changes that can take place with long term exposure to the kind of power the Warlock has tapped into, and hopefully get some good ol’ fashion roleplaying out of the lot.  With all this in mind, I led them into The Lurking Mire.

It was once an enchanted forest that serves as place of confession and absolution to those who had affronted nature and its champions.  However, dark and tainted waters crept into the soil from an underground cavern that had long served as a tomb to a Coven of Hags in service to Ghuanadaur.  His influence has thus permeated and diseased the place and his servants grow stronger the deeper into it they wander.  It is a dismal and corrupt swamp, with flora and fauna bloated with infection and sickness.  Madness and maleficence is in the very fabric of this place, and it creeps across the landscape, swelling every year.

It has even been known to lure children and travellers from their beds of villages near and far, whispering to them with voices of their loved ones both living and dead.  Most believe this is an attempt by that which lurks in the mire to birth new life to the Coven that was lost, but all who have come to cleanse the land, to push back the seeping corruption and halt its advance, have been overcome with insanity and an oppression of the soul that eats away at even the most resolute of wills.  I told them to think Dagobah with less solid ground and more centipedes.

It also warrants saying that after realizing they were completely lost in this place, their initial attempts to find a way out went like this:
Josh: “Alright!  Let’s get the &%$# out of here!”
Roll a one.
“Aww!  First natural one of the day!”
Cole: *Satirical pompose laugh preceding epic foreshading* “Oh ho ho!  Glad it wasn’t me.”
Roll a one.
HA!  Classic Cole.

But enough fluff!  It’s time to explain what I decided that stuff meant in game terms!

Now any of you familiar with the game Darkest Dungeon will see how obviously it inspired me here.  Each rest spent in The Mire adds a point of stress to the party.  They can also gain points if they fail a particularly important skill test, suffer a critical blow, or directly conflict with another member of the party.  These points add to the DC’s and can lead to levels of exhaustion.  The swamp also has opportunities, based on their stress level, to make certain party members suffer hallucinations or other illusory experiences.  It’s all a race to get out of the place before they are driven insane, though the Bard has lowered their levels quite a bit without knowing it.  Lyrical calming and talking out a tense situation seems to be her modus operandi, and was especially helpful when Garrik activated an alter, which summoned a child from god knows where right out of her home.  Didgeri-Daina immediately shoved everyone else out of the way and calmed the kid down with remarkable efficiency.  Hurrah for empathy!

Here are my simple napkin rules:

  • 5 Stress = 1 Level of Exhaustion
  • Increase DC by Stress where applicable in a 1:1 or 2:1
  • Fail DC by at least 5 = 1 Stress per
  • 1 Stress per rest period
  • 1 Stress for each standing party member when one falls unconscious
  • 1 Stress when taking a critical hit
  • 1 Stress when Players conflict
  • -1 Stress when dealing a critical hit

Before I wrap this up, allow me to share an excerpt that made me smile.
Josh: “So I hear what from the hut?”
Me: “Your fathers voice.”
Josh: “… Isn’t our Father dead, Cole?”
Cole: “Uh yup.  Pretty sure.”
Me: “Berrik hears it too.”
Cole: “Oh… Oh, goody!”
Nicole:  “Daina runs up to them to see what they’re talking about.”
Steve:  “Regrin goes up too… but stays farther back behind something if he can.”
Me: “So courageous.  Okay, so you both also hear your Father’s voices.”
Nicole: “Okay, what the actual &%$#.”
Steve: “Yeah… I Fireball the hut.”
Me: “You know you’ll hit them too, right?”
Steve: “Yeah… but seriously &%$# whatever is in there!”

When you’ve set up a situation for them that they would rather explode than face directly, you know you’ve built that tension.

The Star Wars Game that time forgot

It was sometime in the late 80’s when I first  got may hands on the original Star Wars RPG books by West End games. This was in fact prior to any substantial supplements or additional source material. The books arrived on my lap via my mother’s boyfriend ( Now my Step Father) who had just returned from a trip to Disneyland and bought them at the Star Tours gift shop specifically for me knowing about my Dungeons and Dragons background.

When I cracked the books open I can honestly say my mind was blown! Keep in mind that I had no clue that this game even existed. I had been happy playing my Dungeons and Dragons and Marvel Super Heroes RPG sprinkled with a little Robotech and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other Strangeness.

Admittedly I did not actually log a large amount of play time with it as the years progresses but it sat in my hands all the time like a legendary artifact of Role Playing games. The game supercharged my imagination and gave me an open invitation to tell my own Star Wars stories with my friends as the heroes.

The game system itself was very simple to grasp and understand. It was even easier than the Red Box Dungeons and Dragons that I had cut my teeth on . The books where ;laid out in such a cool manner for the time and incorporated actual movies screen shots and fake advertisements that look like they existed in the Star Wars universe.

As years went on the game system became affectionately known as the D6 version of the rules and sadly it ceased its publishing run sometime in the late 90’s. Not to long after and around the time that the new Prequel movies released; Wizards of the Coast scooped up the licence and rolled it into its existing D20 system that was famous for its flagship RPG, Dungeons and Dragons.

Under Wizards of the Coasts guidance  the Star Wars RPG was supported with a large amount of material but nothing quite came close the the raw quantity or depth of content that West End Games cranked out during its run.

The most amazing thing about the original game is that it is still being supported and played by players around the world. The fact that the game is out of print is a minor setback in this new digital age of internet and connectivity. Passionate fans have even gone and ” republished” the original core books with all the supplementary rules and revisions in an edition affectionately called the ” REUP EDITION”

Star Wars REUP Cover (Color Hardcover)

This edition is available for FREE through the various community still playing and supporting the game. If that wasnt enough, that same community is even creating brand new source material and opening the vaults to new and old players alike. There is even a full Star Wars Rebels Source book that has been published online for free by one of the community’s strongest supporters. That’s how much these players still love this game!

Star Wars D6 Google + Community

While I have been toying starting a classic ” D6″ campaign myself I went and started by recreating the classic Character Sheet found in the core rule book and gave it a modern face lift for players who wanted a more contemporary look for their players seated at the gaming table.


If you have never experienced the original RPG in any way I highly recommend you head over to the Google Community page and connect with some players there. They always have online games to join and you will never have a shortage of great people to mingle with.

On a related note I also Recommend you check out Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG if you are looking at a good entry point into the game with the current publisher of the Star Wars licence.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

Pleading with 5th: The Cast (Finale!)

Pleading with 5th is an opinion piece about my personal experiences with the Dungeons and Dragons: 5th Edition Roleplaying System and the events of my gaming group that I explore it with. The articles are not intended to describe actual events or people, or to suggest any sponsorship or association with any person or entity. No animals were harmed in the experience or writing of these articles, only feelings. Viewer discretion is advised.

Being continue… Again!

Okay, so for the three of you who are actually curious as to why it took so long for me to put out another post, I was crippled with emotional turmoil from catching up on Game of Thrones.  Hospitalization was not necessary but could have probably been advised.  Watch with Caution!

That may have been a complete lie, but I bet it sounded completely plausible to some of you, feeling empathy and solidarity with my struggle to come to terms with the horrors and heartbreak put upon me.  You big ol’ sap.

Now, let’s just straight to the biscuit!

Handsome, Gentle Ben

Purity never looked so good.

Continue reading “Pleading with 5th: The Cast (Finale!)”

Tales from the Edge: Part 1 ” The Cast”

The following is a series of articles detailing my experiences in a new campaign that I started to introduce some new players to the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG. It will be laid out over the course of several articles taking you the readers on a overview and sometimes detailed accounting of our game session. Sit back and enjoy.

Our session started off with me getting all of our players acquainted with their respective heroes/characters. I assigned all of them pre-generated characters for the initial campaign. Continue reading “Tales from the Edge: Part 1 ” The Cast””

Pleading with 5th: The Cast (Part Deux)

Pleading with 5th is an opinion piece about my personal experiences with the Dungeons and Dragons: 5th Edition Roleplaying System and the events of my gaming group that I explore it with. The articles are not intended to describe actual events or people, or to suggest any sponsorship or association with any person or entity. No animals were harmed in the experience or writing of these articles, only feelings. Viewer discretion is advised.

Being Continued!

Alright ladies and gentlemen, today we are getting close and personal with the Dwarven Brothers Berrik and Garrick Towerfall. The Towerfall brothers, who are a pair of Dwarves as you may have guessed, are played by my roommates, Cole and Josh.  They actually reversed class roles from our initial bout of 5th Edition, and it seems to be working well so far.  Cole is complete crap at remembering what his spells or abilities do or what kind of bonuses he gets, so he kinda maybe slowed us down as a Wizard… a lot.  Fantastic roleplayer though, when he remembers things that could prompt him, as he’ll do a voice for anything.  Holy crap, maybe he just has an awful memory in general and we just haven’t clued in yet. Continue reading “Pleading with 5th: The Cast (Part Deux)”

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG overview

Disclaimer: The following is pulled directly from the Fantasy Flight Games official Website and is re published here in an effort to create awareness of this product. I encourage everyone to visit http://www.fantasyflightgames.com and review the product for themselves. I am going to be running a introductory campaign myself in the next two weeks and thought I should bring awareness to this great product through Game Nexus.
-Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

Star Wars : Edge of the Empire

“Scoundrel. I like the sound of that.”
    –Han Solo

Participate in grim and gritty adventures in places where morality is gray and nothing is certain. Ply your trade as a smuggler in the Outer Rim, collect bounties on the scum that live in the shadows of Coruscant, or try to establish a new colony on a planet beneath the Empire’s notice…

The Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ Core Rulebook provides everything you and your friends need to experience life in the shadiest and most remote locations in the Star Wars universe. Continue reading “Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG overview”

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