Destiny gets a Sparrow Racing League

It seems like a long time ago that Bungie launched The Taken King expansion for Destiny players craving something new and exciting for the holiday season. Not wanting the holidays season to go by without some sort of new Destiny content ; Bungie has announced the newest in its continual ” Drip Feed” content plans.
Welcome to Sparrow Racing !
At the risk of coming across as a know it all, I must say…I totally saw this coming.
Back when Bungie was finishing up its Halo run with REACH , they gave us a game mode called ” Mongoose Chace” which had players racing the franchises popular all terrain vehicle across various Forge created maps.
As soon as I played Destiny and got my first experience with the Destiny’s speederbike < complete with Return of the Jedi sound effects when you turn at high speeds> I knew this day would be coming.
Jump in on December 8th for a limited time only.

“Speed Kills, but it’s a fun way to go…” – Amanda Holliday

Sparrow Racing is coming to Destiny!
The Sparrow Racing League will welcome competitors to participate in a six-player free-for-all death race through enemy territory. After the update goes live on December 8th, visit Amanda Holliday in the Tower. She’ll be your Quartermaster for the event. Grab and quest and some bounties. Then, take your mark on the starting line. You might also check in with Tess. Eververse Trading will have some flair to make the event a little more fun, and a little more stylish.
The races run for three weeks. They conclude on December 29th. Good luck, and don’t be afraid to trade some paint with your friends.
Stay tuned to learn more. The Live Team will be sounding off about Sparrow Racing later on this afternoon in a brand new ViDoc.
Edit: Added ViDoc.

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