Final 3 Game Modes Detailed for Star Wars Battlefront

Hot on the heals of the Star Wars: Battlefront Open BETA , DICE//EA have announced the final two game modes via their official site. While we alreadyu knew the names of the game modes courtesey of the actual menu screen in the BETA, we now have a little bit mmore to chew on in regards to what they are all about.

If you are like me, you had a blast playing the BETA over the long weekend and surley DICE has more goodness in store for us when the game goes live.

Have a look below for the latest 3 announcements that have just been posted in the Official Star Wars Battlefront Site

Hero Hunt: Beat or Become the Legends of Star Wars

Hunt or be hunted in a fantasy-fulfilling game mode

Hero Hunt

“It’s fascinating to observe players spawning as a Hero or Villain,” Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall says, discussing the many playtests done of the Hero Hunt mode of Star Wars™ Battlefront™.

“People tend to react in two different ways when it happens. Some muscle up and shout ‘come at me!’ while others tend to, well, panic slightly when they realize they’ve got seven people on their tail. But after a few kills they get confident as well.”

Hero Hunt begins with one player starting as either a Hero or Villain character depending on the planet you’re playing on. The other seven players spawn as troopers of the opposing side. Thus, a tense seven-versus-one hunt begins.

Should you deliver the killing blow on the current Hero or Villain you take their place, spurred on by a short, cinematic sequence as you respawn. The hunter now the hunted, your job is to defeat those in pursuit and survive as long as possible in the boots of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, or whichever iconic character is up based on the pre-determined order.

“Hero Hunt is one of our fantasy-fulfilling game modes catering for those who want to divulge in epic, almost boss fight-like encounters with Star Wars characters,” Dennis Brännvall explains. “With a player count of eight it’s a smaller and more direct game mode, and perhaps not as tactical as for instance Supremacy – but still not without depth.”

Speaking of strategy, it’s a good idea to team up with someone close by when you notice a Hero or Villain on your radar. Knowing your enemy is crucial; if the current Villain is someone like Boba Fett you want to be in a more confined area where his jetpack won’t do the bounty hunter any good. When Darth Vader is nearby, on the other hand, you don’t want to encounter his crowd-control skills in a narrow corridor.

Power Card pickups are also of importance when playing Hero Hunt. Try deploying Turrets or Proximity Bombs on strategic areas like where health boosts spawn for the Heroes and Villains. If you find a Smart Rocket and the Hero or Villain is on low health, you have a good chance of defeating your prey in one fell swoop.

And if you are in the hot seat? Dennis Brännvall has a couple of key tips for survival:

“Learn all the unique abilities of the Hero and Villain characters. Also, you should go for a divide-and-conquer strategy. Although you’re extremely powerful, you don’t want to run into a massive barrage of blaster fire.”

Hero Hunt and all the other Star Wars Battlefront game modes will arrive on November 17th. You can learn more about these in the news section, and study characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett in ourHeroes and Villains article.

Cargo: A Star Wars Battlefront Twist on a Classic Game Mode

Fight for vital cargo across four iconic locations


Rebels and Imperials are fighting over precious cargo and it’s up to your team to outwit the opposition with both offensive and defensive tactics. Our Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall takes you through a classic game mode with a tug-of-war style spin: Cargo.

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ has many new and unique game modes that fans really haven’t seen before, but some game modes are such classics – and we love to play them so much ourselves – that we simply had to have them in the game. Capture the flag is one of these staples, and in Star Wars Battlefront, Cargo is our take on that mode.”

This is how it works: Rebels and Imperials both have a base on the map where valuable cargo is stored. Your objective is to run in to the enemy base, pick up the cargo, and return it to your home base. It’s a classic concept, but we’ve added one twist: you don’t need to have your own cargo in your base in order to bring back the cargo you’ve taken from your enemies. This creates a tug of war experience where you simply need to collect as much cargo as possible.

Scoring works a bit different thanks to this design. At the beginning of a match, the score is 5-5. If you get hold of a cargo crate, your team will take the lead with 6-4, and the rest of the match will fluctuate like that. If you’re in the lead when the 15-minute round is over, you’ll win.

The reason behind this tweak? In old school capture the flag modes, a lot of action centered round grabbing the enemy flag and running away to hide, since the enemy could not capture unless their flag was in their base. This resulted in home bases that were rarely defended, since most action took place in the center of the map. For Cargo, we want players to focus on both bases and establishing two very defined gameplay roles – the attacker and the defender.

There are several tools to help you perfect these two distinct play styles. If you like Smoke Grenades and Jump Packs you’ll be a great attacker in Cargo, and if you want to play defense you can equip things like the Proximity Bomb and Barrage. Defenders can also man the stationary E-Web Turrets within or close to the bases for some extra defensive firepower.

Cargo is a mode made up of 6v6 matches, and to create a well-functioning mode like this you need to design the maps specifically for it – and the areas you’re fighting on need to be well defined and often symmetrical to make it fair for both teams.

One Cargo map I’d like to highlight is Rebel Depot on Tatooine. This takes place out on the holes of the desert, where the Rebels have set up a small base. The map has three lanes to fight around, and in the center lane you’ll find the legendary Millennium Falcon as a mighty set piece.

We’ve really enjoyed designing this map. We imagined what a Rebel base on Tatooine might look like using Hoth as inspiration, and we’re happy with the results. When you’re running around with your cargo through the med bay and control centers you’ll recognize elements from Echo Base, but nuances like color scheme, lighting, and dust give it a distinct Tatooine feel.

Gameplay-wise, it’s interesting how the Millennium Falcon, somewhat covered in Tatooine dust, works as a tactical center that is important to control. Use your Jump Pack to get on top of it and put some pressure on the enemy. The reward comes with a risk though, so watch out for enemies flanking you!

We really hope you’ll enjoy the frantic gameplay of Cargo and that you’ll try it out on all the Star WarsBattlefront locations. Experiment with different play styles and you’ll be a cargo-stealing scoundrel in no time!

Go on a Droid Run in Star WarsBattlefront

Three GNK Droids are on the loose – capture them to secure the battlefront

Droid Run

“The GNK has become somewhat of a DICE favorite. We love that little guy. We even designed a dynamically animated antenna for it, so when you’re chasing it around in Droid™ Run, shoot at it and see what happens.”

Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall is not alone – there are many fans of the GNK and all the other Droids ofStar Wars™. In one of the more unpredictable and fast game modes of Star Wars™ Battlefront™, you’ll fight over control over these mischievous pieces of metal against your Rebel or Imperial enemies. Brännvall explains:

“There are three active objectives on the map that you need to control. These aren’t just any objectives – what you need to get a hold of are three different GNK Droids. What’s particularly charming with these is that they’re all moving and have to be caught before the capture process can start. This creates a more dynamic and action-filled experience.”

So, in tight and fast 6-versus-6 matches, your objective is to capture and hold all the three Droids before the 10-minute time limit is up. You’ll get help from weapon pickups but Heroes, Villains, and vehicles won’t be joining the run. Communication is vital, so let your teammates know if you’ve spotted a Droid somewhere, how to find it, and if there are enemy forces nearby.

”The strategies used are somewhat different than for instance Cargo, where your positions are more strict,” Brännvall explains. “You can choose a slower, explosive play style by equipping Thermal Detonators and Cycler Rifles. But your team can also embrace the dynamic, chaotic nature of the game mode and equip Jump Packs to get around the map and chase the Droids as fast as possible.”

The Droid Run maps are designed to be quite small to ensure a high tempo and player count. As with all Star Wars Battlefront game modes, there’ll be many map variations for you to enjoy when fighting on Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, Sullust, and in December, Jakku:

“Personally, I’ve had many great sessions playing Droid Run on the Ice Caves map on Hoth,” Brännvall says. “Gameplay-wise there’s a lot going on; one moment you’re fighting on open areas such as a Rebel encampment with a tarp-covered X-wing nearby. Minutes later you’re chasing Droids in maze-like Wampa caves. Hearing that ‘GONK’ sound effect echoing between the icy walls is both funny and a great clue on where you should be heading.”

So, if you want fast action and a mode perfect for a small, tight team, Droid Run will be a great fit. Read up on the other game modes and you’ll be perfectly prepared for the November 17 release for Star Wars Battlefront.


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