Every year the game industry can rely on at least one thing. The industry will bestow upon us a racing game.

Since December of last year  we have been truly blessed with an onslaught of racing games ; Project Cars, Drive club, Forza 6( Launching soon) and a little game called ; The Crew .

Launching in December of 2014, The Crew is easily the most ambitious racing game that the industry has ever seen yet it has also seen an incredible drop off of players since its debut. The developer, Ivory Tower means to change that by giving us a completely revamped graphic engine due for release in December. Check out some official news about the update below.

Many of you have been asking for this one, and we’re very excited to finally announce it: Dynamic Weather is coming!

As part of the graphical overhaul, which means everyone will be getting it for free, dynamic weather will be implemented with the launch of The Crew Wild Run.

It will be active in Free Ride, Missions as well as PVP!

There will be a few different states such as Sunny, Rainy and wet roads all the way to drying roads. Now I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it will definitely affect the way your vehicle handles!

The handling will be a lot more slippery during rain and slightly different on drying roads as well.

Just to top this piece of good news off, yes, you will have functioning wipers when the game launches 😉

We never thought we’d be excited for it to rain!


The Crew team

Note: Keep in mind that these assets do not represent the final state of The Crew Wild Run


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