Do you believe in Ghosts?

There are a handful of games last generation that I can honestly say left an impression on me like the Tom Clancy series Ghost Recon. In 2006 I was introduced to this franchise with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and while it wasn’t the first game in the series it was the first Then Next Gen game. It was also a game that came along at a time when the 360 didn’t have any Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s, Battlefields, or even Halo. It was the first real Modern Military shooter for the Xbox 360.

ahhh…the memories…

Over the course of the Xbox 360’s lifespan I played a huge list of shooters and quickly fell in love with the genre. Moving from GRAW to its sequel  and then latching onto a variety of shooters spanning the next 8 years I was waiting and hoping for a new entry from the Ghost Recon franchise.

Alas the end was in sight. Ghost Recon Future Soldier was announced and subsequently released in 2012 ; 5 years after the last title in the series.

It was met with mixed reviews and in the end it was the community that felt let down. Future soldier tried to hard to bring elements made popular by other games in the genre into the Ghost Recon formula. Since it had been hibernating gamer’s had come to expect a certain pace and style from their shooting games. Sadly Future Soldier was doomed out of the gate. It either changed enough to keep it relevant in the modern arena but risk alienating the loyal community or stay true to its roots and in turn fail to strike a chord with modern gamer’s.

The development of the game also saw a back and fourth struggle with its legacy ( The entire game was scrapped mid development as the vision shifted resulting in a delay and some would say a half baked end product).

In my opinion the game we got is exactly the game I expected and wanted to play. Outside of a painfully obvious rush job when it came to graphical assets and in some cases mission structure the overall game is top notch. The whole package has a great value proposition containing a full 4 player co-op campaign with a separate survival mode and of course a robust competitive multiplayer offering.

The multi player gameplay is challenging and requires players to shed their run and gun habits in favor of a more tactical approach and a very detailed understanding of the games very large weapon/equipment trees.

Imagine how excited I was to learn that Future Soldier would be on the list for Backward compatibility on Xbox One when it goes public in November ( I wont say how I know this but lets just say that it involved some sneaky detective work ).

Do you see what I see?

Sure I could just power up my 360 and play it right now but playing it on the Xbox One with the ability to stream and use other dashboard features just seems like a dream come true. Not only that but to be able to play the game with other friends who may purchase the game at my bequest so we can play together is the icing on the cake ( I’m even going to buy a digital copy of the game !)

Whether you agree or not I think that having access to a tactical shooter in the Xbox One even thought is a port/BC title is great news and hopefully will breathe new life into this game in preparation for its upcoming follow up in 2016; Ghost Recon Wild lands.


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