Welcome to GX Esports

I am no stranger to the world of E-sports. Competitive video gaming first entered my world with the introduction of Street Fighter 2 back in 1991. I remember wanting to organize a tournament in my small town of Prince Rupert B.C and have local players duke it out on a 50″ big screen that my local game shop had on display.

While that event never happened I have always had a desire to bring gamer’s together in an organized fashion to compete against each other in a virtual arena.

The EVO Era

EVO Games was my Victoria based LAN center circa 2009-2012. It was built with social and competitive play in mind.

Things really started to get real for me in 2009 when I launched my game centre ; EVO Games. During the business planning stages I created a division of my company to cater to tournaments with the intention of generating a revenue

EGU-google-+stream to supplement my core business. From 2009-2012 EVO Games ( EVO Gaming League) hosted approx 30-40 events ranging from small 4-5 teams  to large scale 20+ team events.

In 2012 after closing my game center I moved to an ONLINE model affectectionatley called ” EGU” or EVO Gaming UNLIMITED. This was to be the new direction for my love of competitive gaming and it proved to be quite successful as far as event attendance went. I focused on a handful of niche games ( THQ’s Space Marine, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, and Ghost Recon Future Soldier)

Ready to Go PRO


Titanfall was one of 2 different tournaments that PRO hosted ONLINE. This one was even sanctioned by Respawn Entertainment themselves!

In 2013 I embarked on a new venture and said goodbye to the ” EVO” name. I created a new brand called ” PRO”. It was a way to start a new path leaving my failed LAN Center business behind me and focus on my love for E-Sports and competitive gaming. While not as successful as EVO Unlimited , I did manage to host a couple of events that year and spent a tremendous amount of time building a web site and a ton of graphic assets promoting it. after a year and a bit of working on PRO , I decided to shut it down. The biggest reason for it is that I didnt feel it captured all aspects of my interest as a gamer by only focusing on competitive gaming. I wanted to work on a project that allowed me the creative freedom to write and coordinate events around all aspects of my hobby.

The Game Nexus is born


This year saw the creation of yet another brand; Game Nexus.  Encompassing the entire spectrum of gaming including Role Playing games and table top minature games; Game Nexus ( or GX for short) is my opus. The site you are visiting is filled with all sorts of content that hopefully has a little for everyone who enjoys gaming.

“So what is missing?”

GX didnt have a dedicated E-Sport division. Maybe I was gun shy since the still birth of PRO or maybe not having anyone else on this journey with me tapped my drive. Whatever it was I am happy to say that I am moving forward to make sure that Game Nexus supports and cultivates the growth of E-sports in Victoria and globally.

Welcome to GX E-sports


GX E-sports is just starting out and will be a work in progress fr me and the GX team. It currently has its own Facebook page and Battlefy Tournament page. We are currently looking for staff to help launch it and will be focusing on CONSOLE specific games to host Online Tournaments for. The goal is to eventually host local events in my hometown Victoria B.C but that is a down the road target.

For now we intend to start hosting events for some key titles and games that the community want to compete with. Unlike our larger counterparts MLG and ESL, we are not offering cash prize pools or even prizing at all ( down the road it is a hope that we will have such things) but we are positioning it as a new and fresh perspective on competitive play. We will not be runningn PC events choosing instead to focus on the console community and the games they play.

Battlefy is another key component in all of this. Battlefy is a Vancouver B.C based company who have developed a software that connects gamer’s online and allows them to promote and plan ( as well as operate) tournaments with minimal logistical problems.

GX E-sports will be using Battlefy to host its event and promote future tournaments we host. The software is clean and well laid out and is perfect for what we want to accomplish.

Click on the image above to go to our official Battlefy Tournament Page

The Future

GX E-sports needs staff. I have been down this road many times and ultimately my ability to develop concepts and ideas needs creative input. I want to see this brand grow and bring competitive gamer’s together in a NEW space that is free from griefing and stigma. This brand has the potential to do that. A fresh start so to speak.

The future is bright for Game Nexus and I hope to bring you some exciting tournaments and events soon.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


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