What if you just started playing Destiny this September ?

Editors Note: This article places a mostly positive spin on Destiny. I highly recommend you avoid reading further if you don’t want to be offended or if you don’t buy into positive comments found on the internet related to games that you don’t like.

So here we are. Closing in on the one year mark with Bungie’s epic masterpiece ; Destiny. The game launched Last September to mixed feelings from pretty much everyone on the planet. I was there on launch night with my friends as we zoomed across the solar system gleefully indulging in all the cool sights and sounds that the game gave us at launch. I emphasize the word LAUNCH because Destiny is very much a different game today that it was in September; at least from a content point of view.

Lately I have been revisiting Destiny and playing it from a different point of view. I have not nearly scratched the surface of what the game offered initially but I was one of the many who stopped playing after hitting the end of the story/campaign. Grinding isn’t my thing and I’m the type of gamer that needs a strong narrative to propel me into further sessions with a game. To be clear; I love Destiny and all of the mechanics and various moving parts it is built out of ( Co Op, PVP etc..) but I cannot for the life of me dig in and grind/redo content JUST for the sake of getting better gear than everyone else. I am just not built that way. When I stopped seeing new cut scenes in the Destiny Main game , I stopped playing.

When I started playing again recently I approached it with a fresh set of eyes. I knew that I had a long way to go to catch up to my friends and other players but I also decided to take a step back and play the game at my own pace. I started compartmentalizing my goals into nightly sessions and even revisited the story that had by this time faded away from memory. Strikes and story missions all of a sudden became new to me.

My eyes soon started to look at the new content that was out and then I started thinking.

” What if Destiny had launched back in September with all of the content it will have after the Taken King expansion launches?”

Its a interesting question considering that players main complaint with the game is that it launched with only a portion of content that it promised / hyped us up for. Imagine that the $60 game you bought last year came complete with 3 Raids, all the DLC  Crucible maps, Story strikes, Queens Asteroid Hub zone, Legendary gear, Prison of Elders Co Op mode,  new sub classes for all 3 main classes and everything the Taken King is ready to throw at us. Imagine that game all rolled up into a ball called Destiny and now try to imagine you having the same reaction to the game when you first played it. You would be hard pressed to say the game didn’t deliver its value.

I think the biggest crime Destiny committed when they released Destiny is not that the existing content was flawed in any way but that there simply was not enough of it. This then created a debate that revolved around cost of game vs included game play and the debate over the VALUE of Destiny began.

So the question now is whether Destiny in its current state with all of its existing DLC and upcoming expansion worth the approx $ 100+tax investment that existing players have forked over ?

At $60 for ” Vanilla Destiny”  most would agree that things get a little slim after you complete all of the major story missions. Asking a player to repeat those same missions over and over again to gain higher reward and gear is a little bit of a stretch even for a lot of die hard loot hunters. Asking players to plunk down what amounts to almost the cost of a whole new game to play additional content is a slippery slope but considering most games that operate within a shared space like Destiny and on the scale that Destiny does in fact HAVE monetized the game in some way, I would say Destiny is par for the course.

$80 for the Legendary Edition gets you the entire Destiny Experience including the core game and all its expansions. Sounds like a good value ,right?

Remember that game Phantasy Star Universe from my previous article on Destiny ? It actually had a monthly subscription tied to it and the game literally was a carbon copy of Destiny’s systems ( Well actually the other way around). Thousands of players every month opened their wallets to play it and interact with other players in Sega’s version of a console MMO < gone wrong>. Bungie gave us a way more polished game and a promise to evolve the game over the next 10 years.

If you are a new player and have not bought Destiny yet, you are able to take advantage of the Legendary Edition to get caught up on the entire year one experience for only $80 ! This presents an even more compelling question.

“Is $80 too much to spend on a complete game like the Legendary Edition?”

Moving further ahead into year 2 and subsequent expansions that Destiny is sure to deliver us , will we even be as critical of its content seeing as new players will have lots of things to keep busy with. More so I’m sure that by the time Destiny moves into the new year we will see price drops on the core game and previous expansions to entice players into the game.

The only crime destiny has committed in my mind is getting us excited for their sprawling space epic but then forgetting to tell us that we would have to pay more than the initial cost of the game as said EPIC unfolded over the next 10 years.

Trust me gamer’s. Destiny in its current state is very much worth playing and you will get many hours of enjoyment ( MAKE SURE YOU PLAY WITH FRIENDS) out of it. The question you need  to ask yourself is; how much are you willing to pay to get it?


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  1. Cool article. Thoughts on value. Compare time spent in destiny to other games, i think you can see value there. Compare content released in destiny to content released in say, another Call of Duty. Id argue that most games released with more content are either long sprawling strictly story games, FF comes to mind, or are subscription based MMOs. The biggest thing to look at though, is o n Xbox live the average Session of destiny is huge.. its 3 hours.. compared to Cod and the next highest ones all being around 2.. that’s actually crazy… 50% increase is insane and is telling of something.


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