The Crew gets a Second chance to Impress

Its no surprise that gamer’s who love racing games have a very high standard when it comes to graphics and overall fidelity of the games in that genre. Its a completely valid concern considering these types of games take years to painstakingly render real life vehicles for our viewing and virtual racing pleasure.

When the Crew debuted earlier this year , all eyes were on it to see if Ubi Soft would give us a game that both wowed us from a visual standpoint and one that blew us away with its ambition. In my opinion they accomplished one of those and while the graphics were not horrible considering the sheer amount of rendered geography in the game; they did not stand toe to toe with any other racing games released this year. In short; The Crew was panned.

While some players will say that the game lacked depth and substance, you will probably run into more that complain about its graphics. Well come November this year those arguments will become void.

As a FREE upgrade that coincides with its ” Wild Run” expansion DLC, developer Ivory Tower will be patching in a complete graphical overhaul that is NOT just a few tweaks here and there. The entire game engine is getting a shot in the arm and from what I have seen it will take the crew from the little leagues of car racing games and plant its foot right in the Major Leagues!

Here is the official word from UbiSoft

“The graphics engine has been totally reworked to shift to real-time rendering with a Physically Based Rendering system (the same system used in many of our new-gen games). The main benefit is an improved immersion into a more photo realistic world: lighting seems much more lifelike by day and at night, the perceived depth of field is enhanced (also by improving assets’ density,) and textures are more detailed (specifically noticeable on buildings, pedestrians, traffic cars). Reworked shaders improve the reflection on car liveries to bring a whole new level of authenticity. Last but not least, new weather effects – like thunderstorms, lightning and rain, with surface changes and vegetation behavior modifications add a level of difficulty when driving through inclement weather, and bring even more liveliness to the world.

“We have entirely reworked the graphics engine to shift to a physically based rendering system,” he explained. “We’ve also added weather systems that affect road conditions adding another layer of driving challenge.”

The Crew Wild Ride and its graphic overhaul will be landing on November 17th on PS4/PC/XBOX One


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