Defend the Frontier in the Ultimate Co Op Experience

Titanfall was quite the interesting title for EA and Respawn Entertainment. It was preceded with over a years worth of hype and expectations only to have pretty much none of them met by the gaming population as a whole. Lets be clear; the game is amazing and I for one think its one of the best FPS games I have ever played. I was also very smart in keeping my expectations in check so that I didn’t get let down when the game launched.
The biggest complaint stemmed from a lack content at launch with only a small handful of game modes and a progression system that took mere days to max out , most players moved on and started looking for the next best thing shortly after launch.

The sad thing is that those players missed on on a steady stream of FREE updates and DLC content containing new maps and game modes as well as fixes and tweaks that turned Titanfall into the game that everyone wanted at launch.< Editors Note: feel free to check out our ” Titanfall A Year Later Review” , for a full breakdown on what happened over its first year of life>
Patience is a virtue I always say and if you came back to the game or stayed with it you have probably had a chance to experience its awesome game mode called ” Frontier Defense”.
Frontier Defense is a wave based Survival Mode not all that different from the scores of survival modes that have been added to games since Epic’s Gears of War 2 introduced Horde.
The big difference here is that it unleashes players into the Titanfall Universe with 3 other buddy’s cooperating together to accomplish a common goal. All the game mechanics that are present in the PVP side of the game remain intact here as well including Burn Cards and your ability to call in Titans . Titanfall becomes a much more intimate experience when you are working together against the games AI instead of worrying if other players are out in the wild killing you amidst all the grunts and specters that normally populate a multiplayer match.

The following is pulled from the official Titanfall Game website and straight from the games characters themselves!


Hello Titan Pilots!Today we are excited to talk about our brand new game mode for Titanfall, Frontier Defense.Frontier Defense is a new cooperative mode where you join forces with up to three other players to defend a vital objective from increasingly intense waves of AI combatants. Communication and adaptation are key to surviving!

The story thus far…
Bish,“The IMC have been crippled and the Frontier belongs to us, if we can hold it. The Militia needs your help, Pilots. Fuel is life on the Frontier, and as such we’ve deployed fuel harvesters in strategic locations throughout the system. Your primary goal: defend these harvesters!”

Sarah,“The IMC has been gaining strength. By reclaiming old research facilities such as Zone 18, they have been able to produce new, deadly combat units. Here is a brief rundown of what you can expect on the battlefield.

Grunts. These should be familiar to any Pilot. In their desperation, the IMC is relaxing the rules on specialization within their ranks. Expect the Grunts to use every weapon in their arsenal, including Anti-Titan weapons.

Spectres. We have confirmed reports that there is a new generation of Spectres with upgraded firmware that can now rodeo attack your Titans. Be careful out there.

Sniper Spectres. Robots designed to kill while in stealth, from a distance.

Suicide Spectres. The name says it all, but just to be clear, they explode. They move much faster than regular Spectres, but they are also very easy to kill. They hunt in packs and get especially aggressive towards Titans.

Cloak Drones. These flying drones will hover over enemy squads and cloak everything beneath them. Yes, even Titans.

Titans. These are much like the Titans you are used to encountering, with a little extra firepower. These AI Titans have been upgraded to employ their shoulder-mounted ordnance.

Nuclear Titans. Fast-walking Ogres with a Nuclear Core. These AI have one goal: nuke the Harvester. Be careful – if they are doomed in combat they will immediately activate their Nuclear Core.

Mortar Titans. These Titans come equipped with long-range mortar strikes. They will hug the outskirts of the battlefield and bomb the Harvester from a great distance. I would advise splitting up to deal with them as quickly as possible.

Arc Titans. Possibly the deadliest of them all. These Stryders are electrified, so melee combat and rodeo attacks are out of the question if you want to stay alive. Their Arc Field will drop shields immediately on nearby Titans and the Harvester, so engage from a distance and drop them fast.”

Bish,“Sounds easy right? Well it ain’t. Luckily, we’ve been working on giving you a little extra firepower. For each wave defeated, we’ll be able to supply you with one deployable stationary turret. You can place up to three at any time, so pick a strategic spot and rack up the kills.”

Sarah,“We also understand that the situation on the ground can change without a moment’s notice and suddenly that Kraber AP Sniper Rifle you brought to battle might not be the best choice. To that end, the logistics corps has positioned Loadout Crates near the Harvester, allowing you to switch loadouts at will, while also refilling ammo and ordnance.”

Bish, “One more thing. Pilots who fall in battle will be flown back into the fray in a dropship that circles above the action before touchdown. Experienced Pilots always maximize their impact on the struggle below by firing from the side window of the dropship on approach.”

Sarah,“Good luck out there, Pilots. The future of the Frontier is in your hands.”

– Play in every corner of the Frontier, including the maps introduced in IMC Rising and every previous Titanfall expansion. This gives 24 maps, each with unique Harvester locations, enemy waves and routes.

– Seasoned teams can challenge themselves to beat their best score on each map. Die less, finish faster, and allow less Harvester damage in order to raise your score and earn all 3 Map Stars.

We hope you enjoy this new game mode that greatly expands on the Titanfall universe. Just like every game mode update, Frontier Defense is FREE of charge. Good luck, Pilots!

Source: Titanfall 


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