Tour de France 2015 Review

I will start by saying, I’m a huge fan of the Tour De France, i make it a habit to watch every year. I was a avid PC gamer up until a year ago, when I was tired of upgrading my PC every time I wanted to play the Next Gen games coming out. I purchased Pro Cycling Manager on PC more many years and always enjoyed the game, challenge, and uniqueness the game brought to the sporting genre.

So naturally when I made the leap to Xbox One, Tour De France 2015 was for sure a purchase i was going to make. I was pleasantly disappointed if that make any sense.

First, graphics in my opinion were not something I focused my time on reviewing, with time and experience on console that will come. What took me back the most was, when the graphics are not the greatest on games, usually, the developer increases the amount of content to the game. This is not the case with Tour De France 2015.

Overall the game is smooth and can actually can be challenging at times. Standard RT trigger for pedaling, which increases/decreases with the amount of pressure on the trigger. Brake is really useless since it is impossible to crash. Full speed around corners and you are held up for a second. Only 2 options for gears, High and Low, the commentator off the start indicates using the high gear ratio for chases and sprints and the low gear for in between. Energy/Attack bars indicated on the lower right gauges. I found them some what accurate to the over all out put you ride at. Steering is very sensitive, you will find it a bit tricky when you start not to use your joystick for forward momentum. If you do you will end up all over the road, only use it for side to side movement.

The one aspect to the game that really makes it a little challenging is the Team Comm. The way you communicate with your team. You are required to press multiple commands to instruct your team to do different tasks through out the race. If you are at a important part of the stage and you are required to give a team mate a command it can actually hinder your position, as you do slow down and are not keeping pace.
Auto Pilot, as I call it, holding the X button and you will tail the rider in front of you. This is great for the middle 100 Km where you are really just buying your time till sprints/mountains. It is a good feature but your finger does become cramped. If it were a click and auto hold that would have been a better option.

Overall game play is OK, in the aspect you are controlling a bike. What more can they do…. I would really like to see more of the management side of the stages be introduced, where you control the riders but have the option to auto pilot them for the purpose of planning the rest of the riders, and taking over controls when needed.

Something to break up the momentum of the in between scenery would be a wise choice.

As I’m a huge story/career nut when it comes to games, I was looking for that option to start as a young rider and develop and grow to the top of the cycling world. With the option for only 3 cycling events and pre-generated cardboard cutouts of riders. There was no feel to individuality to the Pro team Mode.
I find myself still playing it as I do like to finish at the top of whatever career mode is thrown my way, but i can see it will be a short lived.
I’m not sure why the developers were not able to make the PC version of Pro Cycling Manager? I’m hoping that content may be added in a DLC, maybe???
As it is the first year on Xbox one, I’m hoping this is a stepping stone to a great game in the future.
If this review does make it across any on the development team, as a cycling fan myself, more content please, if nothing else.

Doug” EVO Mauser” Morash

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