Need for Speed…Oh How We Missed You

I have not played every Need for Speed game that has released. I have however played a quite many of them and no matter what, each time I fire one up I have a blast!

If a racing game is going to have any chance at success these days it needs to hit a pretty extensive list of check boxes or run the risk of the potential player base who they are targeting completely boycott it or worse play it and then drag its name through the mud citing all sorts of reasons why they are entitled , for various reasons to a better game.

The one thing that these gamer’s do not have on their check list is the word ” FUN”

To me the Need for Speed series brings the fun…each and every time. Give EA some credit; they do not just crank out a carbon copy racer every year. Need for Speed has undergone so many design revisions it has pretty much lost its way. An amazing game experience with no identity as to what defines the ” Need for Speed Experience”.

This year EA has a real treat for us fans. We get ” Need for Speed”. Thats it. Just ” Need for Speed” with no fancy subtitle to give us a sense of what we can expect. No Rivals,Carbon,Underground,Most Wanted,Hot pursuit,Shift etc…

The early details on the game make it clear that this game will be a return to form for the franchise and promises to deliver true Next Gen < Current Gen if you will> visuals as well as gameplay.

Most of all the game looks fun!

Become the ultimate icon when Need for Speed returns November 3rd, 2015 on PS4, Xbox One and PC in an action driving experience that unites the culture of speed.

Built around real world icons are five action-packed overlapping stories. Every choice, every second and every minute propels your progression through the five ways to play; Speed, Build, Crew, Style and Outlaw.

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Source: Need for Speed


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