Tales from the Edge: Part 1 ” The Cast”

The following is a series of articles detailing my experiences in a new campaign that I started to introduce some new players to the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG. It will be laid out over the course of several articles taking you the readers on a overview and sometimes detailed accounting of our game session. Sit back and enjoy.

Our session started off with me getting all of our players acquainted with their respective heroes/characters. I assigned all of them pre-generated characters for the initial campaign.


This article will primarily introduce you to the cast of characters our story will revolve around. Don’t worry I will be giving you an overview of the story and objectives in the articles to come.

The Cast

Oskara the Bounty Hunter was played by Gina. She is a savvy streetwise Twieliek who was determined to leave her employer
Sasha is a former rebel scout turned fringe explorer. She is the teams youngest member and carries a large gun that makes a lot of noise.
Pash is the groups wise cracking smuggler. He is just as quick with his blaster as he is with his tongue. He like the others is trying to escape the clutches of his current employer.
Mathus is a technical genius. Whether its repairing a droid or fixing a hyper drive, he is your man. Don’t discount him in a fight either as he has enough street cred to tips the odds in a brawl.

The Players

Once we had everyone settled I handed out character sheets and walked everyone through the basics of the character system including skills and stats and then gave a simple overview of combat and creating dice pools. Our player list was as follows.

  • Gina : Oskara the Bounty Hunter
  • Katie: Sasha the human Explorer
  • Clinton: Mathus the Engineer
  • Tristan: Pash the Human Smuggler
  • Dwayne: Game Master

Setting the Stage

The players needed a little backstory and context to frame their role playing for the night so I whipped up some ” prologue” story’s to give them a sense of how I envisioned the characters acting. Essentially a short ” Movie Clip” to set the stage. Each character was spotlighted to some degree. We all had a good supply of snack items and beverages on hand and strapped in for a night of gaming at Gina’s house. The icing on the cake was that we where actually playing outside on her deck in the beautiful summer air. Things got a little tricky as the night went on dues to a gradually setting sun and a lack of outdoor lighting, but we made do.

Pash The Smuggler

Not the best starting ship but Pash would not be getting much use of it once the story started

Pash maneuvered his aging Ghtroc freighter along the canyon walls careful not to clip his starboard side on the craggy service of the rocks. The little scuffle he just had in orbit over Tatooine with a Merc Squadron pretty much sealed the fate of his long time companion ” the Ao Var”; at this point the best he could hope for was a rough landing about 10 clicks south of Mos Shuuta, well out of range of the space ports long range scanners and any passerbyes in the desert wastes.
Pash looked over at his instrument panel nervously as the glow and flicker of warning lights splashed all over the interior of his cockpit. The most concerning of all the indicators was the big LED informing him that his Cargo hold had just been ripped open and that the contents within it where pouring out into the canyon below him!
” Never was a big fan of Ryloth Spice” he remarked to himself as the video feed of the cargo bay revealed the last container free falling to the desert floor of Tatooine.
The Ao Var quickly descended and slammed into a serrated patch of canyon floor that ripped the landing gear completely off the undercarriage of the freighter and slid far enough along that it buried the rest of the ship up to its nose.
Despite the destruction visible only to a passing herd of Banthas Pash sat alone in his cockpit, completely engulfed in darkness.
The AO Var was offline.

10 hours later…..

Pash sighed a deep breath and pulled his goggles over his eyes. He had recovered a hauling speeder from the wreckage of the Ao Var and managed to load it up with all that he felt was salvageable from the wreckage. The body f the Ao Var was still visible albeit half buried but its innards were piled onto the hauling speeder; or at least what Pash figured would fetch a decent price at the scrap yard in Mos Shuuta.
As the repulsorlift engine of the hauler hummed to life Pash climbed aboard and took one last look at the devastating landing he pulled off hours before and smiled to himself.
At least Teemo and him wouldn’t be getting into anymore arguments about who the ship belonged to anymore….but that cargo he was supposed to deliver; well that’s a chat Im sure he has yet to have…

Oskara the Bounty Hunter

Tatooine’s twin suns glinted off the scope on Oskara’s Carbine Blaster as she held it steady while surveying the streets below her perch. She had taken up position on a nearby rooftop to where her and Pash were supposed to meet. Initially he told her to meet inside Mos Shuuta’s cantina but she felt that being a little less obvious would play to her favor in this situation.

Oskara had two friends on this planet , Pash the Smuggler and Lowhrick the wookie gladiator  all three of them had one thing in common; A strong desire to get off Tatooine as quick as possible.

Lowhrick had said his goodbyes a day earlier as he signed on with a hunting party headed to the Judland wastes in search of his freedom. Oskara was almost going to join him until Pash radioed her in panic about an incident regarding a crashed freighter that belonged to Teemo the Hutt. Pash was a silver tongued devil to be sure but even he was going to need more than that to get him out of this one…and besides…she was better with a blaster than he was anyway.

Pash and Oskara had a history prior to starting the game which opened the door to some great Role playing later from the two players

Back to the task at hand Oskara squinted down the scope in an effort to see if Pash was paranoid about being followed or if Teemo really did have half of Shuuta prowling the streets looking for the three of them.

Just as she was going to call it in and let Pash know he was just worrying for nothing; a patrol of “ Pig Men” came into view and they were headed right for the front entrance of the Cantina.

Oskara stood up and reached inside a pouch on her belt
“ It a good thing I happen to have a key for the back door then isnt it Pash?”she said to herself as she  climbed down from the roof and headed to the Cantina.

Sasha and Mathus
Mathus turned and walked out of the dimly lit interior of the Junk shop ; forgetting to put on his tinted goggles he immediately squinted as the light of Tatooine’s twin suns washed over him.
Spending so much time in the cavernous depths of Teemo’s palace had made him forgetful of just how bright it could get on a typical day in Mos Shuuta.

” So what does VoRn know about that ship that landed this morning?” Sasha asked Mathus.

Sasha was played by Katie, a friend of mine who was also taking acting classes. She chose to give Sasha a ” Lara Croftesque” accent that brought some nice atmosphere to the game table.

Sasha was blunt and to the point as always and today even more so as it was the day that the two of them had decided they where leaving Mos Shuuta.

Mathus kept walking past Sasha down the street and without slowing his pace he started talking, leaving Sasha to catch up.
She slung her Macrobinoculars over her shoulder and grabbed her travel pack up off the dusty alley floor ; caught off guard by how quickly their visit to the Junk Dealer had taken .

“He said that the pilot is a Trandoshan named TrEx and that he is only docked for a day or two tops.” Mathus quipped.
” He needs a HMRI to get his ship light travel ready”

Sasha stopped and smiled sarcastically ” You wouldnt happen to have one of those back at your workshop at Teemo’s would you?”

” Nope.” Mathus countered

” But I don’t need one there now that I just bought one from Vorn”
Mathus stopped and juggled the HMRI circuit board from hand to hand with a big smile on his face.

Sasha rushed up to him and gave him a big hug!
” So we are getting off this rock now !?”

” Not so quick Sash…. Its gonna take more than a Novice Scout and a overworked Gear-Head to get to that ship and convince TrEx to let us borrow it…..indefinitely”

Mathus looked down at his wrist comlink as it started to blink with an incoming call.
” What is it Vex ?”

a garbled robotic voice spoke through the comlink

” Sir I believe I have him < squawk><zxxearble> < zzsterere>…. he is walking towards the Cantina as we speak…<zzzxxtttrere>”

Mathus looked at Sasha and grinned.
” Looks like we found someone else Teemo wants more than us .”

Mathus tucked the HMRI into his pocket and grabbed Sasha by the arm as he turned down a nearby alley

” LETS GO! Vex….keep them busy and do not let him leave until we get there; understand me?”

The two renegades disappeared from sight blending into the shadows as blinding light continued to shine down on Mos Shuuta.

Join me in Part 2 of our Session where I will bring you up to speed on the story and what happened when I cut my new players loose into the world of Star Wars…

To be continued…


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