The Division Blew my Mind…..AGAIN

No other game has me excite as a gamer than The Division. A game that blends all the genres that I love and wraps them up in a beautiful package.

Its a Role Playing Game, Shooter, Open World ,multiplayer experience like none other and its coming out in March 2016!

Every year we get a little tease in the form of some gameplay. This year we were blessed with a full gameplay on the games promised PVP mode called ” Dark Zones”

Dark Zones are areas that are seamlessly blended in with the game world that players can explore and potentially run into other players in the hopes of finding rare loot/gear . If you have played “Day Z” on PC you’ll get a rough idea on what kind of interactions will occur between players and they are not always as cut and dry as this next video shows.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer….and then keep an eye on your friends again…”

Tom Clancy’s The Division releases March 8, 2016. Be the first to play The Division by clicking here to sign up for the beta ►►

Discover the Dark Zone. Deep in the heart of Manhattan this dangerous section of the city is full of rare and valuable loot, but getting that loot won’t be easy. In the Dark Zone it’s every agent for himself as you’ll have to keep an eye out for enemy factions as well as other Division Agents.

Source: Tom Clancy’s The Division

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