The SOLO Adventures is the Fan Film you HAVE TO SEE

The internet is an awesome place to share your creativity ( Your viewing a website that is born out of my desire to do that exact thing) and to give opinions. Every once in awhile something comes along that truly knocks your socks off and makes your jaw hit the floor with a thud.

Ill admit it. I’m a You Tube addict and once I get on a roll watching videos I just keep going. My wife often makes fun of me saying that my mind is always racing in a million different directions when I get on it. One second Im listening to a new music video and the next I’m looking up Star Wars fan films.

Well after watching the video below you’ll be glad my wife is right as well.

Star wars heroes’ (Han Solo and Chewbacca) new adventure.

The Solo Adventures (2010) | Animation – Sci-Fi / Action
Produced by DAVE School (

CREDITS: Written & Directed by Daniel L.Smith, Jeffery Scheetz, Music & Sound design by Sound “O” Rama

AWARDS: Winner of “Best Animation” from the Star Wars Fan Film Movie Challenge, sponsored by Lucasfilm.

Kind of makes you wish they actually made this into an ongoing series huh?

Source: MadArtPublishing

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