The Crew keeps getting Better and Better

If you haven’t played The Crew by now, you have probably been told by everyone who has that it is a worthless piece of crap and stay fa away from it. Its no surprise that the game was not met with positive reviews and the general feel from the initial batch of players ( There is still a strong vibrant community playing it) was that the game did not have a ” NEXT GEN ” level of polish and paled in comparison to some of the more established racing franchises on the market.

Having played a good chunk of the game and being one of those initial players I can confidently tell you that EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET WAS WRONG.

The game is actually a blast to play and is the closest thing you will find to a ” Fast and Furious: The Video Game” experience. The moment to moment racing is wrapped up in a revenge plot that could very well have been ripped from the latest batch of Fast and Furious movies.

The selling point to the game is the massive open world that pretty much spans all of the United States ! That’s right; a racing game that lets you drive from New York to Las Vegas without a single loading screen!

I will save all of my opinions for a formal overview that I intend on writing for players who haven’t played the game and are looking for a racing game to fill in the gaps of their game time.

For now turn your attention to the latest announcement from Ivory Tower; Developers  of the Crew.

League Play has arrived for the Crew !


As announced in the latest patch notes, leagues are coming to The Crew! In today’s news, we give you all the details to make sure you’re ready to get to the top.

Leagues allow you to climb the PvP ladder and also grants access to a variety of prizes, from bronze to platinum.

Leagues will be available to all players on June 3, when everyone will be starting in the fourth division of the bronze league.

Leagues and Divisions

You will have access to four leagues: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, with four divisions each.

Each league and division will grant you access to specific rewards, including colors, rims, and stickers.

A dedicated pack of colors and rims will be accessible when you enter a new league, except for bronze, which is only accessible when you reach the third division.

LeagueBronzePack LeagueSilverPack
LeagueGoldPack LeaguePlatPack

Each division will entitle you to a specific sticker that will show everyone what you’re made of!

LeaguePlatSticker04 LeaguePlatSticker03
LeaguePlatSticker02 LeaguePlatSticker01
Climbing the Ladder

With leagues being part of the PvP experience, you’ll have to race your way to the top. Not to worry, you won’t need to win every race, but you will need to be among the best…

To help give you a better understanding of your chances of scoring points in leagues, here’s a table where, depending on the number of participants in a race, you’ll win points, keep the same points, or lose points in your division.

Division points

Keep in mind that the game will try to match you with players of comparable skill, but if you’re playing when fewer players are online, you may face players of varying skill.

Defeating a player from a much higher league will grant you a lot more points than if they were of a comparable level.

Please note that you can be demoted in the ladder if you lose too many races, but you will never be demoted if you stop participating in PvP races!

The League Store

Now that you have reached a new division or league, it’s time to get your rewards!

You’ll find the League Store back at HQ, between the workshop and the hidden car.

Each time you move up a division, a new category is unlocked and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the associated reward.

LeagueStickerWhile you can be demoted on the ladder, you’ll never lose purchased items. For example, if you reach the third division in the gold league and buy the associated sticker, you’ll always be able to apply it to your car even if you get demoted to a lower division or league.

Solo and Crew Leagues

Finally, two separate leagues, Solo and Crew, will be associated with every player.

LeagueProfileNote that you cannot win or lose points associated to a league when playing in private PvP mode.

What now? Go get all your favorite cars ready for June 3!

Source: The Crew Official Site

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