What is Fable Legends and Why you should play it ?

I’m truly excited about this years upcoming Fable ” Spinoff” ; Fable Legends. There isn’t a ton of solid information on what the game will be in its entirety  besides a handful of developer trailers and of course limited game play. I have been chosen to participate in the games Closed Beta that is happening right now and thus have agreed to the Non Disclosure Agreement attached to it. As a result I will not be putting forth any information or game play  that doesn’t currently exist on the internet but i will give you my opinion and do my best to give you a sense of what the game entails ( Again all based on pre-existing info and NOT my experience with the BETA )

Lets start with the Basics.

The Initial Launch Trailer was filled with a vague sense of what the game was all about besides a multiplayer focus

E3 2014 gave gamer’s a more in depth look at the game

This generation of gaming has thrown gamer’s a curve ball as far as what to expect from tried and true genres. Whether that be Titanfall’s twist on the FPS genre or even EVOLVE’s radical 4V1 concept that blends MOBA’s with a traditional 4 player co op shooter.

Fable Legends has a very strong MOBA feel to it while incorporating the newly released EVOLVE’s sense of 4V1. The game presents an ongoing series of quests that the developers will be delivering to players both at launch and after the game ships that

Currently not much has been revealed about the full extent of the characters that you will be able to choose from when the game goes live but the developers have hinted at a  League of Legends style approach wherein the players will choose from a list of characters with more being added in the form of DLC as the game moves through its lifespan. This approach has me very excited and adds a very favorable twist to the traditional Fable formula.

Moment to moment game play is presented in a behind the shoulder 3rd person view much like all of the fables of the past ( The camera is pulled in closer however to give you a better look at the visual fidelity of your chosen character)

The biggest piece of news about Fable Legends came this year when it was revealed that the game will in fact be a FREE 2 PLAY title. To clarify, This game will not cost a penny to download and enjoy! You can expect the game to be wrapped up in a nice Micro transaction blanket when it does finally launch but the developers have assured us that it will not allow players to buy there way to victory . My guess is that they will monetize the game through the sale of different adventures and cosmetic customization options.

The only possible problem I can see developing  when this game launches is how accessible it is. The past fable games have been presented as a stand up Role Playing game with all the tropes that accompany that genre ( leveling up, character interactions, story and strong customization). THIS Fable will be delivering a new experience and a new genre that hasn’t yet fully developed within the industry ( 4 players versus 1 ). Gamer’s in general have short attention spans and if a new game cant sink its hooks in quickly it will not be as successful, ergo a failed attempt at something new.

I will be evaluating the Fable Legends Closed BETA during my playtime and of course will share my opinions of the game once the NDA has been lifted I’m am sure we will get even more information at E3 in a couple weeks as it ramps up for its holiday release.

I encourage you all to keep an eye on this game and remember; Its okay to try new experiences in the gaming world. Just because your waiting for Battlefield 5 or Call of Duty 13 to be released doesn’t mean you cant spread your gaming wings and take a trip to Albion for some food ol’ fashioned Monster Slaying !

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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