EVOLVE keeps on Evolving

I was one of the many players that bought EVOLVE at launch back in February. I was also one of the MANY players who quickly lost interest in EVOLVE and shelved it ( or in my case because I bought a digital copy; deleted the file) . The game itself is not horrible nor is it a complete right off, however it WAS a very over hyped game that didn’t deliver the deep game play that everyone expected it to.

EVOLVE hedged its bet on a multiplayer only strategy, that is to say the game lacks any form of a narrative campaign to bind its various ( Superb) game play systems. In short it was over hyped and it under delivered.

My personnel gripes with the game don’t stem from any beef I have with the game’s graphics or presentation but rather its core mechanic; Hunting.

Most of my game sessions involve running around the massive maps searching in vain for the player controlled monster that is quickly EVOLVING into a (Stage 3) horror show only to either quit out of boredom or get torn to pieces by a better player controlling said monster.  I endured many such sessions before removing the game from my hard drive so dont think I was just an ADD gamer who couldn’t adapt to a new type of game play. The verdict is still out on whether I am just a total Noob or if the game itself is to blame.

Today Turtle Rock gave everyone a FREE update in the form of a new game mode called ” Arena”. This game mode is essentially a full Deathmatch style game that cuts out all the hunting and stalking of the core game mode it based its game on. Basically the Internet screamed and the developers listened. What we got was  ARENA.

Have a look below for all the details and let us know in the comments if this FREE UPDATE will be enough to pull you back to play ( or re install it on your system)


Forget stalking your prey. Forget the sneaky cat-and-mouse creeping around on planet Shear. If you just want to get your claws dirty from the get-go, you’re gonna love Evolve’s newest free update: Arena Mode. It is a life-or-death cage match coming today, May 26, to all platforms.


The short version: The Monster and the Hunter squad all get dropped into a dome. No escape, no excuses – this ain’t over until someone goes down!

· The new Arena Mode places five fixed domes on each of the 14 maps in Evolve. For those not up on your math, that’s 70 locked-down venues, ready for brawling.

· At the start, you select a map, then you’re in for a best-of-three series of hardcore firefights. The Monster and Hunters are locked in that dome until one side is eliminated. After that match, you immediately jump to another dome on the same map for round two – that continues until there’s a victor.

  • All the Hunters and Monster begin each match with one perk.

· Monsters start at Stage 2 with 50 percent armor, but can feed on wildlife in battle to regain armor and even evolve to Stage 3. (Though the size of the mobile arena makes this a tough task.)

· The dome isn’t coming down. So, for all you Trappers out there, your job got a little easier.

· There is no dropship timer. Once a Hunter dies in battle, they have to sit it out until the next fight.

· Players can’t change their character or perk selection between rounds, but Monster players can change their abilities.

Obviously, if you’re looking to get competitive with Evolve, something like an Arena Mode is going to be awesome to play – or watch. That’s just a taste of things to come.

Source: EVOLVE Game Official Page


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