Top 5 tips for SMITE beginners

With all the excitement surrounding the recent BETA of SMITE on XBOX One I thought a brief article on how to maximize your enjoyment ( and success) while playing the game would be in order. Unlike any other multiplayer game you have played, SMITE requires that you learn a new set of competitive gaming basics to ensure victory.
Since the game involves battling a supply of AI controlled “Minions” in addition to your human player , there needs to be a focus on overall strategy as opposed to simply duking it out with a random match made opponent..

Here are my top 5 tips…

Avoid tower damage

Towers in MOBA ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) style games are a blessing and a curse. They can help you hold the lane against enemy gods/minions or they could stop you from getting a kill on an enemy champ who is about to taste death. Towers are designed to attack off the minion waves, there target will change if you attack an enemies god underneath a tower. The tower will change from the minion’s, to attacking you.Destroy-tower-Smite
They do massive amounts of damage to you so it’s best to avoid this. If you feel that you can get the kill and help better you team, this is referred to as “tower diving” if you do that you better get the kill or be ready to receive some heckling from your team mates.

Call out Information

The biggest help you can be in MOBA style games is calling out information you see. If you see an enemy god leave your lane, notice them in the jungle, noticed a buff has come up or something along those lines, let your team know. Knowledge is power in these games, the more your team is aware it could save them from getting “ganked” or getting them a buff they need to help win over their lane.

Wait for team mates

One of the biggest things I have noticed in MOBA style games is someone going out alone to try to “carry the team”. MOBA style games are built around the team working together to beat the enemy, time and time again I will have the ADC ( Attack Damage Carry ) or “Jungler” wander into a lane with the hopes of being the reason that we win the game. Most often though they end up feeding the enemy team with kills and the other team overpowering us cause they worked together.

Find a god you like and stick with it

If you are new to MOBA style games then it’s best to pick a god you like the sounds of and stick with it. It’s going to be a new experience in this game learning the map, items, gods, etc. So the best advice is to stick with a god you like and learn that one inside and out.smite1
It will help you learn the limitations or when to dive, what are good item combinations, and how to best support your team. Some good starter God to look at are Neith (Hunter), Ymir (Guardian), Agni (mage), and Ra (mage). These are some of the easier gods that will help you understand the game without being swarmed by figuring out the best way to use your god.

Know your role and stick with it

Teamwork is essential in SMITE and assigning Roles to your team mates will ensure victory.

In all MOBA’s you will find there are 5 roles Mid Lane, Solo Lane, Jungler, AD Carry, and Support. I’m going to go over each role quickly so you have an idea and know roughly what position you would like to play.
Mid Lane is usually a strong AP( Ability Power) champ capable of dealing massive damage through their skills. You will help in team fights to add another source of damage from straight AD( Attack Damage) and help whittle down the enemy gods like they were nothing. A good champ to start with if you feel this is your role is Agni or Ra. Either of these champs are easy to use and should help you figure out the position very well.
Next is the Solo lane. This is for the person that likes to hold their own but also help out during those team fights. Since you are alone in this lane you want to be able to choose your battles carefully, you need to know when it’s a good time to put pressure on the enemy god or when it’s better to hold back and wait for your jungler to lend you assistance. A good god for this position is Odin.
The AD Carry on the team is a very important position. This is where you are like Mid lane dealing out mass damage, but this time it’s with physical damage from attack speed/damage. A good god to get started with would be Neith. She is easy to pick up and has a skill set that isn’t too tough to use, you will find yourself picking up kills in no time and leading your team to victory!

Next is the Support position. In this role you are going to be helping out the team in general, but more importantly you will be helping out the AD Carry. In this position you will want to pick a god that compliments your AD carry to assist them get kills so they can become stronger and help you ultimately win the game. You can either assist with healing or even crowd control. A good god to get started with in this role is Ymir, he has high defense and good crowd control to help keep you alive and to assist in controlling the enemy team during team fights.
Last but not least is the Jungler. This is the toughest role as you will be getting your kills and experience in the jungle (not in the lanes). You have to watch the buff timers and help out the lanes that are feeling the pressure from enemy gods. This isn’t a position that I would play for your first few games as you need to have a good knowledge of how the game works and how each god works as well. A good god to use in this position would be Thanatos or Fenrir. Either of these gods should help your team get the edge and lead you to victory!

We still have some time before SMITE official makes its public launch and those of you fortunate enough to get a BETA code have a chance to perfect your God Slaying skills.

Enjoy the game and be sure to keep checking back to Game Nexus for all your Smite News!

Josh ” Killer Hawk” Jordan


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