Marvel Heroic RPG: “Are you a Commitment-Phobe ?”

The Marvel Heroic RPG had a very bizarre shelf life after it was launched back in 2012. The Marvel Heroes game cancelling has changed hands many times and over the course of its 4 different iterations , none of them where discontinued as quickly as the Margaret Weis version that we know and love as ” Marvel Heroic”.

In an amazing twist of fate however the game has carried on without missing a beat via the passionate community that still plays it to this day, even though no official support exists.

Below is an example of the level of Fan support Marvel Heroic is getting from its players. This particular gem comes courtesy of a VERY dedicated player by the name of Walter Kruger. Walter has written a large amount of content for Marvel Heroic and even hosts regular games via Google Hangouts.

Check out the Official Game Nexus Marvel Heroic Online page over on Google+

commitments 1

Commitments 2


One thought on “Marvel Heroic RPG: “Are you a Commitment-Phobe ?”

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  1. This is a very interesting and creative addition to the game. The MHR community is very strong. I think that is Cortex put out a heroic line it’ll stay very strong like green ronin did with M&M and DC Adventures.

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