Classic Marvel RPG Featured Character: Deadpool

With all the recent attention our masked assassin is getting these days as the production of his new movie gets underway ( Filming in Vancouver B.C which is about 2 hours from where I live!), I thought it would be fitting if we revisit his Marvel RPG character stats from the Classic Rule Set. Keeping in mind that Deadpool , like most Marvel characters has evolved over the years since his debut in the pages of X Force.


Real Name: Unrevealed
Type: Hi-Tech
ID: Secret
Team Affiliation: Ally of Tolliver

Fighting: Remarkable 30
Agility: Excellent 20
Strength: Excellent 20
Endurance: Excellent 20
Reason: Good 10
Intuition: Typical 20
Psyche: Good 10
Health: 90
Karma: 26
Resources: Remarkable 30
Popularity: 0
Deadpool employs any number of weapons depending on his current assignments. Most often, Deadpool uses guns, grenades, SAI, knives, and Katanas. Wade can use any weapon known to man and can learn how to use the weapon in less than five minutes than anyone else. Wade is mainly seen using a gun or a sharp object. Deadpool’s magic satchel allows him to often pull weapons out of nowhere.[citation needed] The satchel contains all of Deadpool’s unlimited weaponry and ammo.
Body Armor: Deadpool’s costume provides
Good (10) protection from energy and
physical attacks.
Healing Factor: Deadpool possesses an extraordinary healing factor that can literally regenerate him from the gates of hell ( He has been there and back with a smile). He literally cannot die through any normal ( or superhuman means). The only possible known way to kill Deadpool is to cancel his comic thereby rendering  him permanently dead! For game purposes players must endure a ” end of session” scenario whereby the Judge terminates the session while Deadpools body is “put back together” for the next session. Normal moment to moment wounds regenerate at a rate of 10 Health Points per hour or 1 per round. He has Unearthly endurance for rolls against poisons and toxins etc.

Bolos: These can be thrown up to 2 areas
to grapple an opponent with Excellent (20)
material strength.
Bo Staff: This weapon has Excellent (20)
material strength and can inflict up toRemarkable (30) blunt damage.
Cluster Bombs: These small pellets can
be thrown up to 1 area away, and affect
everyone in that area with a Remarkable
(30) energy attack.
Long Swords: Deadpool carries two
swords of Excellent (20) material strength
that inflict Excellent (20) edged damage.
Teleporter: This device allows him to
instantly teleport up to 10,000 miles away.
He can take two people along with him.
Throwing Stars: These can be thrown up
to 3 areas to inflict Excellent (20) edged
damage. They have Excellent (20)
material strength.
Machine Pistols: Deadpool often employs a pair of machine pistols as his ” Weapon Dejour”. These babies inflict Good(10) shooting and have the luxury of having Unlimited Ammo.

Martial Arts A, B, C, and E,

Deadpool is known as a
ruthless assassin with an overwhelming

hunger for wealth and material gain. He
has even been known to switch sides in
the middle of a combat if offered enough
“compensation.” Deadpool is also known
for having a big mouth and constantly
chatters at his opponents in an attempt to
distract them.

Editors Note: I couldn’t finish this post off without leaving this here…

Source: Marvel RPG: X-Forces Campaign sourcebook

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