Neverwinter Xbox One Welcomes Over 1.6 Million Adventurers!

Hopefully all of our readers have taken the opportunity to download and try out the amazing Neverwinter on XBOX One. Its a FREE TO PLAY Massive Multiplayer Online RPG from the creators of City of Heroes. While the game has been out on PC for over a year now, console players are still getting exposed to this genre and naturally of course it will take some time for the game to develop a following on XBOX.

In addition, the game will be receiving a total of 5 FREE expansion packs this year to expand upon the games already large content offering.

According to a new statement from the developers, Neverwinter is already enjoying some amazing succcess in just over a month. Have a look below at the official statement and be sure to download it now from the Marketplace to get in on some swords and sorcery action yourself!

Neverwinter has now been live on Xbox One for over a month and we couldn’t be more proud of it. Over this past month, we’ve seen you band together in glorious Guilds, slay the mighty chromatic dragons and even test your skills against each other in Domination. No matter what it was you accomplished, you have helped shape Neverwinter into the mighty fire-breathing game it is today.

We have pulled together a quick overview of how the game has grown over the past month. Below you will see a quick infographic that shows how many players have populated Neverwinter, how many characters were created, how many enemies slain amongst other heroic feats the community has achieved. Click on the image below and take a look!

In order to celebrate further, we’ve granted the first 60 players to reach level 60 and the nine players to reach level 60 in the Beta a unique Volcanic Galeb Duhr companion to commend their status as a Neverwinter Champion. Check your Xbox messages for one from NW Community, which will congratulate you on your success. If you are one of these Neverwinter Champions, speak with the Reward Claims Agent in Protector’s Enclave and grab the Volcanic Galeb Duhr companion in the Promo tab. This Companion is one-time character bound, which means you may only claim it on one character, so choose wisely. If you see one of these rare companions walking around, make sure to congratulate its owner on being one of the first to reach level 60!

As Neverwinter is still but a hatchling, we have much more to announce in the future and plans even Valindra can’t foresee. In the meantime, keep felling ogres, healing your allies and being the brave adventurers we know you are!

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Source: Official Neverwinter Website


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  1. I cant lie. Im kinda pissed about this. Never knew i had a chance of getting this if i played the beta to a 60. Now only way to get it is by paying 4mil AD. yea right. Such crap. How bout we get one for putting all our money into this game.


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