Destiny: House of Wolves Detailed

The second expansion for Destiny is almost upon us and as more details start to roll out it is becoming clear that Bungie is not ready to roll over just yet when it comes to fan backlash over lack of content. While House of Wolves will not solve every problem plaguing Destiny right now, it does go a long way towards fleshing out the overall vision that Destiny promised us way back when it was announced.

The Season Pass is finally starting to show its value!

Between a new Social Hub and a full out narrative wrapped around it ; House of Wolves could be the expansion that starts to bring Destiny’s player base back to its original levels ( you would have to be naive to  think that it hasn’t dwindled since its launch). I for one am actually interested in getting back into the game and experiencing it with some new content. Keeping in mind my strategy for Destiny has always been to drip feed myself with it as opposed to grinding through every piece of content and waiting at the finish line for more race track to be be laid down so I could continue my speed run.

Have a look at the Official House of Wolves Preview courtesy of Bungie .

Source: DestinyGame

2 thoughts on “Destiny: House of Wolves Detailed

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  1. I still think it’s a great game, albeit one that is inelegantly monetised while missing a lot of opportunities. Really, now that Borderlands Collection is out, they should rethink the pricing of those expansions. It’s still impressive, still fun to play, the gun mechanics are pretty much unrivalled, but it’s still severely lacking in content and now that there’s some competition it shows more than ever.


    1. I agree on all your points. The moment to moment gun play is amazing ( still wish it was 60 fps) but content wise they need to give us something n 2015 besides a couple of add on packs with a few strikes etc..


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