SMITE Early Access Keys Incoming

SMITE is still on track for its 2015 release and as announced earlier in the year, Keys are now being issued for its early access and you can apply  HERE.

SMITE is the online battleground of the gods. Players choose from a diverse cast of deities and use unique powers to triumph over the opposition in a variety of competitive and co-op game modes.

SMITE is a new take on the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre: you play from a third person perspective, allowing you to experience the thick of combat and SMITE’s dynamic battlegrounds.


1. Is Matchmaking in place?
Matchmaking is on but since we have a relatively small player base during Alpha it has a limited Impact. As we expand the player base the matchmaking will improve so people of even levels will play each other.
2. Will I need to do anything to participate in future phases (Closed Beta, Open Beta, Launch)?
No, you will not need to do anything else to be a part of the future phases. You will automatically receive updated releases over the upcoming months and there will be NO data wipe from this point forward.
3. Can I Stream?
Yes, we encourage streaming at this time.
4. Can I copy my PC account information to my Xbox account?
This feature will be available very soon! Please check with SMITE’s social media and forums for more up-to-date information.
5. How can my friends get in the game?
Anyone can sign up for a chance to receive an early access key at this website: Xbox Beta Signup.
Coming Soon! The Founder’s Pack will be available outside the game to purchase. This will allow players early access to the game as well as other exclusive benefits (please see below).

6. How can I unlock additional Gods?
Players can purchase The Founder’s Pack from the in game Marketplace. The Founder’s Pack includes:
Early Access to SMITE on Xbox
The Ultimate God Pack which gives you ownership of all current and future Gods.
YMIR Cocodemon X skin – this is a Limited skin that can only be acquired through The Founder’s Pack.
Ares Soldier of Fortune skin – this is an Exclusive skin that is not available for individual purchase.
400 Gems.
Each release we will rotate 5 Gods that are free to play, this will give you an opportunity to try out additional Gods.
You can unlock Gods through Favor (our in game currency) that you earn through PvP matches and by logging in for consecutive days.

Source: Hi Rez studios official Site

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