Titanfall Smashes the Competition

Editors Note: This is entirely an opinion piece and is not officially supported by any company or organization. It is meant to reflect on my personal experience playing Titanfall over the past year and may or may not be shared by the general gaming public at large. Feel free to disagree or agree in the comment section.

This past year of gaming on my Next Gen now current Gen system has caused me to redefine what my expectations of this new Era of gaming we are in.When the Xbox One and PS4 were originally announced my eyes where fixed like a hawk on how good the graphics of each game released was. This was partly due to my years spent gaming in the 8 bit Era then transitioning to the 16 bit and beyond. Back then the marketing powers behind Nintendo and Sega trained an entire generation of gamer’s to believe that Graphical superiority was the defining characteristic of a ” Better ” game console. Fast forward over 20 years and I still default back to that mindset. Now don’t get me wrong. I have always put gameplay above graphics and even during that generation of gaming I ran across many amazing looking games that where complete duds and lacked the gameplay to back up the looks ( All looks no personality )

So it was when I fired up my brand new Xbox One on Christmas day that I started scrutinizing the launch titles for ” mind blowing graphics” as the first of many check boxes that would become my ” what defines Next Gen list”. As the year went on I slowly started building my game library which became primarily FPS oriented.

Here we are in 2015 and we have only really had a handful of First Person Shooters grace the new consoles and what has happened is that the passionate gamer’s of that genre have literally picked the bones of each one of them clean and left the carcasses out in the sun. This made me think. Which one of these shooters has made the most impact on me and which one do I find myself coming back to play time and time again?

Destiny? Battlefield? Master Chief collection? Call of Duty ( you pick one)?

Well the only shooter that has captured my imagination and provided continual enjoyment each and every time I play it is Titanfall!

What is it about Titanfall that manages to pull me in you may ask? Strap in and let me give you 5 reason why I love Titanfall.

  1. Its a Whole New World. Titanfall did not launch with a traditional campaign and that hurt its appeal to thousands of players ( Lets hope they fix it with the sequel). What it did do well though was give us a brand new property to discover.
    Titanfall’s campaign was blended within the multi player creating a ” 6v6 Co-Op campaign mode ” with small cut scenes and voice overs to drive the story forward.

    Respawn created a interesting fiction within a multi player structure and sprinkled quite a lot of flavor on top while we spent hours battling it out online. Now granted it did not deliver the story in a manner that most gamer’s have come to expect, I am super impressed that they pushed the boundaries of story telling with a multi player game.

  2. You feel like a Bad Ass: Not a lot of Shooters go that extra mile and really PUT you in the shoes of the in game character like Titanfall does. The character designs and overall look of the Mechs and Pilots that you control really make you feel like an agile futuristic parkour demon on steroids. If you listen carefully to the in game banter between the AI controlled characters you will here them shower you with respect and awe whenever you walk or run near them.

    I still smile every time I hear a soldier that is nearby me when I am capturing a control point say ” It’s a pilot!” “What’s so special about those guys?” “Just watch ’em. They’re on a whole ‘nother level.”
    Every multiplayer match starts off with your team circling the map in a dropship waiting to deploy. Instead of simply materializing on the ground like pretty much every shooter made; Respawn felt that having your Pilot free fall from the Dropship would give players a sense of  Badassery that still cant be matched by any shooter I have played.

    The reverse is also true when you have concluded your multiplayer mach and if you are on the losing end of the stick your team must haul ass to the dropship in a last ditch effort to get evacuated off map before the timer expires.

  3. Controls and plays Great: Coming off of the highly successful Modern Warfare 2, was there ever any doubt that Titanfall wouldn’t control like a dream? The only doubt in everyone’s mind pre launch was whether the Titan gameplay would handle as smooth as the on foot action. As soon as you climb aboard your first Titan all those worries fade away.
    Running and Gunning takes on a whole new meaning in Titanfall

    If you really think about it this game has done an amazing job balancing what equates to two entirely different set of game mechanics. The ability to merge infantry combat with a silky smooth 60fps frame rate with a FPS Mech game all the while balancing on a razer thin line that ensures players don’t cry foul was no easy task. Titanfall exceeded my expectations and is probably one of the most smoothest controlling FPS games ever created.

  4. Stable Servers: Every time a new online shooter launches in the market players around the world hold their collective breath as they log into the game on day one. If all goes well we manage to find matches quickly and the matches themselves don’t suffer terribly from lag as the population starts to swell. Sadly this generation has been defined by poor launches of online games ( even offline games are cursed this gen ). Titan fall was not alone in this area but outside a few hiccups at launch everything went according to plan. In fact thanks to the power of Microsoft’s Cloud Servers, Respawn Entertainment was able to push dedicated servers to players around the world . To this day games only see a few minutes of wait time between matches and next to zero lag in the match. This is a big deal and with the amount of stuff happening on screen at once in Titanfall ( The game has a massive amount of AI calculations running under the hood in EVERY match) its an accomplishment that other games in the market can only strive for.
  5. Fun as Hell: Titanfall is fun as hell! Lets just leave it at that!

As I look back on the general state of the Shooter category as it pertains to this generation of consoles I don’t see a lot of games that has resonated with me like Titanfall has. To top it all off Titanfall is a brand new IP and doesn’t have the luxury of roping players in with an established franchise. Respawn broke new ground here and I for one am excited to see the game grow and develop as time goes on. The most important thing we can do is to support them and accept its shortcomings while embracing its strengths. Titanfall 2 has officially been announced as ” In Development” so its only a matter of time before we get a release window.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, I would love to see everyone’s opinions on Titanfall and feel free to use the comment section to let your voice be heard.

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash


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