Shadows of Mordor: Game of the Year Edition announced

If you didn’t get a chance to play and experience the amazing Shadows of Mordor last year when it launched, have no fear! It will be re released on May 5th in the ever popular ” Game of the Year Edition”.

Mordor won many accolades last year and surprised many with its blatant Assassins Creed inspiration coupled with the beloved Lord of the Rings IP. Having just completed the core game myself I can honestly say that the game is nothing less than spectacular.

The Game of the Year edition will encompass all the available content the game has released in DLC and ongoing updates for $49.99

Here’s the official rundown.

EVERY MISSION Including The Lord of the Hunt Mission, The Bright Lord Story Mission, Guardians of the Flaming Eye Warband Mission, The Berserks Warband Mission, and more!

EVERY RUNEIncluding the Hidden Blade Rune, the Deadly Archer Rune, the Flame of Anor Rune, and the Rising Storm Rune.

EVERY SKINIncluding the Dark Ranger Skin and the Captain of the Watch Skin.

EVERY CHALLENGE MODE Including the Test of Power Challenge Mode, the Test of Speed Challenge Mode, the Test of Wisdom Challenge Mode, and the Endless Challenge Mode.


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