Watch Dogs : Online and why you should be playing

Team Online Decryption

Multiplayer in a primarily story based open world style game can be a mixed bag. You tend to get all the goodness of the open world that you loved in the single player game but the air tight shooting mechanics that most players have grown accustomed to in games like Halo , Call of Duty and others tend to take a back seat. This is not to say that these style of games don’t have good multi player in fact its quite the opposite in fact; the multiplayer tends to be a blast and some of the most fun youll ever have. The key word there is FUN. If you liked the Watchdogs game world and want to dabble in it some more with a competitive spin then the multiplayer is for you. If you are a Ex- Call of Duty Vet or even a Die Hard Gears of War fan looking for that next fix in between sequels then I would advise you keep looking.

Take the fight to the streets of Chicago and use all the tools at your disposal.

Below I will be walking you through the basics of Watch Dogs ” Decryption” game mode and some tips on getting the most out of it. The online community has diminished quite substantially since the game launched last year but you should be able to get into a match on any given day. I highly recommend you round up some friends and suggest they pick up the game if nothing more than to experience the games single player campaign. If you manage to pull at least (3) others into your social circle then you can play in some private matches of Decryption that will give you a little more control over the experience.

Goal: To locate a Data File on the game map and Decrypt it 100% before the opposing team does the same.
Team Balance: 4v4 ( Minimum 2v2)
NOTE: In Watch Dogs your in game avatar is ALWAYS the main protagonist ” Aiden Peirce”. The other players will always appear to be random hackers pulled from the city’s population. Likewise in your friends/eniemies game he or she will appear to himself the same way. Its the games way of maintaining a narrative focus even in the Online portion of the game.

The Rules: The Data File starts off in a neutral spot on the map and both teams must rush to that spot and acquire the Data File. This is accomplished by moving into a close proximity of it and ” capturing it” much like holding an area in a traditional Domination Match. Once a Hacking Player has obtained the file he or she can now begin decryption it. There is no need to stand still while this is being done and the process will automatically happen whether you are standing still or you are moving, shooting or even driving around the map. In the top left corner of the HUD , players will see two timers. One is the Decryption timer that shows a percentage completion rolling upwards. This moves at a consistent pace and can be “buffed” to a faster pace if fellow team members are in proximity, again much like a traditional Domination match in any other First Person Shooter.

Keep an eye on the HUD. There is lots going on in a single match that will help you .

The other timer is a game countdown for both teams. The matches will last 30 minutes and end even if neither team have Decrypted the file.

The opposing team can ” Intercept” the decryption by either killing the player who is currently in possession of the file or by blocking the decryption process by moving into close proximity to the carrier thereby temporarily halting the decryption.

Tools of the trade: As with the single player game of Watch Dogs, you can use various elements in the environment to both aid your team and hinder the opposing team. Traffic lights, spike strips, and even barricades can be toggled to throw a wrinkle into the proceedings. The Chicago PD are still on the lookout for potential criminals and all players need to be wary of harming innocent bystanders while the match is underway. Having the police show up is always a good way to spice up the match.

Players can also use the ” Car on Demand” service from the single player game if they cant find a suitable vehicle to evade or pursue the other team with.

You wont have the same selection of guns that you do in the games single player campaign

Weapon Load outs: Unlike more traditional games like this, Watch Dogs does not have any customization in its Multi-player suite. Instead players must choose from a small list of pre-selected ” Themes” . These range from Sniper style load outs to ” Run and Gun” style load outs and covers all grounds to keep teams balanced and happy.It is worth noting that the shooting mechanics in online play are devoid of traditional ” Auto Aim” that other games like this have ( GTA 5 for example). It will require some finesse and a fair bit of frustration to master the right amount of twitch reflex needed to become a crack shot in Watch Dogs Online.

Progression: Watch dogs has a system called ” Notoriety” that is gained by playing in PVP matches. This serves as the ONLINE components XP system and rewards players with perks to help dominate his enemies online.

While there are other game modes in Watch Dogs Online, I suspect this is the mode that will resonate with gamers the most. Less than traditional Multi-Player modes such as ” Hacking” and ” Car Racing” are present but lack the minute to minute action that players will want in a game that has such a ” Sandbox” play style.

Charge up your smartphone and round up some friends because Watchdogs is a nice diversion from all the other same old same old shooters out there that I’m sure you will find highly enjoyable!

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash


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