Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser #2 Breakdown

Its Real and its coming this December! The internet has been torn asunder this year with all the information being revealed about the upcoming start of a new Trilogy set in the post Return of the Jedi time frame. Ranging from behind the scenes tweets to full on movie set photos we have been lucky to live in a generation of film making that embraces a certain level of audience interaction. We live in a time where directors can ” Tweet” snippets as they happen and the traditional trailer has birthed a smaller less meaty offspring called a teaser.

I am currently torn on how much of the Force Awakens I want to expose myself to before I sit my but in a movie theater seat on opening night and so far I have only indulged in the reveal Teaser (#1) and now this new one ( Teaser #2)

Revealed today at the Star Wars celebration that is running from the 16th-19th ; you cant surf the internet without watching it or reading an article talking about it. Such is the world we live in now. I thought however I would do something a little different here at Game Nexus and give you our Trailer Breakdown with a series of screen shots and some perspective comments courtesy of yours truly. Keep in mind that I have not been digging around the internet on details or back story at this point so my observations will probably be from a passive fan and not have a lot of spoilers based on my own internet digging. In other words…I don’t know much and I’m going to love the movie more because of it.

The Official Logo

The Force awakens logo

We all knew the name of the movie by now but its interesting to see the new way they are displaying it on screen without the ” Episode VII” moniker.

A New Planet

Crashed star destroyer xwing

This scene all of a sudden becomes a lot less EPIC compared to the crashed Star Destroyer…

At first glance this appears to be a shot of a crashed Star Destroyer ( with a Rebel X wing in the foreground) on the planet Tatooine; the popular planet that features in every single Star Wars movie to date ( Well except Empire Strikes Back). According to J.J Abrahms the planet is actually called ” Jakku”. Nevertheless , the imagery is amazing and the first time we have ever seen a Star Destroyer grounded and not floating menacingly in space. Its a very cool shot that creates a true sense of scale for these massive warships that we have never seen before. My guess is that we will not actually get any context for this and have it simply be an establishing shot of the planet early on.

Memories of Vader

Darth Vader crsushed helmet

The person looking at his helmet would have to had wait for the fire to burn out and the Ewok party to conclude then sneak in and retrieve the helmet???

This scene is very confusing for me. Not only do we not see who is looking at the helmet of Darth Vader but the mere fact that his helmet is still around 30 years later baffles me. The only thing I can think of is that someone retrieved it from the fire that Luke created to burn his fathers body back on Endor. This is quite possibly the films new villain as I doubt Luke would burn Anakin’s body only to take the time to salvage the helmet for a twisted keepsake. The state of the helmet looks like it is fire damaged and mangled enough to fit my theory but I am very excited to see the why’s and what’s of this scene. I just hope it is explained and doesn’t become another plot gap that has become commonplace in the Star Wars saga.


Luke metal hand

There is really only one person this could be and even though we don’t see his/her face I couldn’t help but get all tingly inside at the mere sight of Artoo and a bionic handed figure with a all too familiar cloak/hood. I am convinced this is Luke Skywalker especially considering the audio track lands on ” I have it” in reference to Luke’s voice over talking about the Force. When last we saw Luke he had a black glove covering his bionic hand but its safe to assume that he has ditched it in the intervening 30 years or so and even made some upgrades as far as the technology goes. I cant wait for his reveal and what exactly he has been up to. Nice to see he has his trusty droid by his side still.

A new generation of Jedi

saber hand off

Going by the audio track it seems that Luke is speaking to another individual regarding their ability to use the Force. In the scene we see an unidentified individual handing another a lightsabre while saying ” …and you have it” The marketing folks over at Lucasfilm where very clever to avoid stating WHO exactly he was referring to but my money is on either one Lei and Han’s children ( If they have any) or Luke’s child, but that is a stretch because the last we saw Mr. Galaxy Saving Jedi he didn’t have any romantic attachment to anyone. Simply plunking a back story on Luke falling in love and having children would be a tough sell so Ill side with the former theory.

Star fighters in an atmosphere!

xwing squadron

Xwing hero
Are we looking at the new Wedge Antilles?

Drawing a similar theme from the opening shot JJ once again takes a familiar image and puts in a completely different context/environment. This is the first time in Star Wars history that viewers have seen X wing operate in a planetary atmosphere. Fans of the comics and Expanded universe via novels will not see the big deal with this shot but for those who only indulged in the movies it will be a eye opener. I felt a sort of Top Gun vibe to this scene and the follow up shot of the pilot yelling at the top of his lungs really drive home the thrilling feel of the X Wings zipping over a body of water on their way to who knows what.

“Two Heroes and a little Droid”

heroes running

Again I claim ignorance as to the details on all the central characters in the Force Awakens and I’m sure I will  only be able to hold out for so long but this shot clearly shows the central Heroes in the movie. The woman in the scene is apparently a local resident of Jakku and the male is supposedly the movies main protagonist. The little bouncing ball is a droid companion of the woman and the three of them make up the character focal points of this new Space Opera.

The Empire is Reborn

Is that a nice new flag in the background?
new villian
Please make it to Episode 8 whoever you are!

No official word on the state of our lovely ” Men in White” hasnt been discussed yet but we have been told that the term ” Empire” is no longer being used to describe them. Organized under the name ” The First Order”, the former Empire have some lovely redesigned Stormtroopers and a terrifying new Sith Lord ( again Im assuming here) to lead them. I cant shake a very Star Wars Old Republic feel to this new Sith an even though he has a helmet that conceals his visage it seems to me that he will be an ongoing threat. I only hope that he doesn’t get the ” Darth Maul Treatment” and get killed off in the first movie he stars in.

Oh Hello Ms.Badass 

chrome trooper

A new sheriff in town?

You notice I referred to the character in this shot as a “She”. I have heard rumblings on the internet alluding to this theory but when you look at the armor a little closer I think you can make out the specific characteristics of a female breastplate as this “Chrome trooper” walks towards the screen. I don’t know about you but I’m getting some very strong Boba Fett vibes from this scene not to mention that adding a cape on the arm of a cool looking Storm Trooper armor just ups the Bad Assery meter! I’m thinking that we will have a new fan favorite on our hands.

Oh how we missed you Han

Han and Chewie 1

falcon chased
The Falcon is still the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!

If you haven’t felt it yet this scene should have pushed your fan boy/girl emotions in to high gear. I have been scared for years that Harrison Ford would not be able to channel his original acting mojo when playing Han Solo. My biggest fear was that we would get a stiff cranky old Harrison Ford trying to act like Han Solo. Growing up I idolized Han Solo and his charming demeanor. He had a swagger and a arsenal of smirks and witty comments at his disposal. If Harrison Ford couldn’t nail the part he created then all of this hype and build up would be for naught. I am happy to say he nailed it and even though it was a short scene with a rather corny line that had no reference, I still almost lost it. Sure he has aged and probably isn’t as physical as he used to be but its FREAKING HAN SOLO! The only complain I have with this shot is that Chewie seems to actually look younger and more streamlined. Perhaps he is having a ” Good Fur Day” but I’m not sure if they nailed his look. You would think that someone would take the time to browse the archive of reference photos. Its a small complaint and the same one that people cried about over Yoda in the prequel trilogy. Did I mention….HAN SOLO ?!?!?!?!

Well there you go Game Nexus followers. Thanks for tuning in and getting a glimpse of what I took home from the Teaser #2.Lets hope I can keep the barrage of spoilers and marketing materials at bay until the popcorn hits my lips on December 18th !

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash


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