Black Op’s 3 Officially Announced but does anyone care?

If you are like me you have become immune to the marketing hype that usually accompanies the yearly Call of Duty announcement. It still amazes me how surprised people are that they are coming out with a new Call of Duty game each year. I cant count the amount of times I would talk to a patron at my game center and mention that there was a new Call of Duty Game to look forward to. The most common response was always ” Really?!? They are making a new one?”. That still makes me smile.

So here we are, a new year and a new Call of Duty announcement. This time we get ( drum roll please …) Black Ops 3. I don’t want to say it but did anyone really NOT see this coming? Activsion Tweet

Treyarch has been sitting quiet since their latest outing back in 2012/13 and we have had (2) Call of Duty installments since then, therefore its stands to reason they have been cranking away in the studio crafting our latest guilty pleasure.

While the internet is exploding with both excitement and flame wars I have one question…

” When does it take place?”

Black Ops 2 was clearly taking the game in the very same direction that Sledgehammer games has landed on with the most current COD: Advanced Warfare. Future Tech is here and whether we like it or not Call of Duty has moved past the Modern Warfare era of games. With two titles in the franchise running so close in overall theme I cant help but wonder if Treyarch may just pull back the reigns a bit and dwell in the past or near present a bit with Black Ops 3. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to realize that they need to do something to differentiate themselves from their brothers over at Sledgehammer.

Do not underestimate the power of the Force!

Then there is overarching question that will be answered on Launch night; does anyone even care anymore?

The 2015 “shooter landscape” is looking to contain some pretty big names/franchises and while past years has been a showdown between Activision’s reigning champ and EA’s Heavy Hitter , this year we have the added variables of both Microsoft ( Halo 5) and Ubisoft ( Rainbow Six Siege).Throw in a new entry in the Star Wars Battlefront franchise and a promise of some game changing Destiny content and Call of Duty will be fighting for its market share this year as opposed to years past.

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash


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