5 Tips for Improving your Game in Destiny’s Crucible

Destiny’s competitive multiplayer mode has been the topic of so much criticism. Players around the world where expecting a refined version of Bungie’s HALO franchise but what they got instead was a weird hybrid of MMO style PVP and traditional FPS ala the aforementioned HALO series. The aesthetics and the overall gameplay ARE very Halo’ish but how you play the game and your mindset needs to shift gears a bit. Below I am going to share some tips I have picked up during my tour in Crucible.

Form Up

Play with friends in the Crucible if all possible

Don’t always be a lone wolf. If you don’t have a team assembled from your friends list then make sure you stick close to other players on your team in the mach. Flying Solo in a 6v6 Crucible will not do your K/D any favours. The ideal situation is having voice communication with your team mates but if that isn’t possible then make sure you observe there in game actions and how they are moving around the map. If you see some players all huddled around a certain area don’t rush join in the party, they should be fine with 2-3 players working together; instead focus your efforts on protecting your flank and hunting down  areas of weakness.  Find a player on your team and stay close to him/her at intervals throughout the match; even if you cant talk to each other just having a wingman can make all the difference

Don’t Run everywhere

This was a tricky one for me to adapt to. I am a chronic sprinter in almost all FPS games I play and I am just now starting to realize the benefits of NOT running everywhere every match. Sprint functions are pretty standard these days in most shooters but there was a time when shooters didnt have that function. Halo 1-3 in fact where devoid of any such advantage and while playing those games now seems like your stuck in molasses at the time it was the norm.  The benefit of not sprinting everywhere is that you are able to observe your surroundings better and become more tuned to what is happening in the various portions of the maps. This is not to say that  you cant sprint but just to be mindful of when to sprint and when to move skillfully through the map. A lot of the struggle you will have if you sprint everywhere is that the ability to respond to a threat that comes walking around the corner is diminished. The precious seconds it takes to break stride and get a bead on your opponent is time better spent shooting him. Take some time to play methodically. This isn’t Call of Duty where you need to play like a rabbit on speed.

Learn your Maps

” Shores of Venus” While not as big as a BF4 maps Destiny’s Crucible is far from the Arena shooter that Halo built its legacy on.

This goes without saying and applies to any PVP game you play. The maps in Destiny are very layered and dense and not always will the map be a basic arena style battleground ( in fact I don’t believe any of the maps in Destiny can be classified as an arena map). Try looking at every match as a training ground for your map knowledge and less about your KD ratio. Dont get frustrated about getting killed and instead focus on what went wrong and how you could have played that engagement better. Every death is a lesson and eventually you’ll get better. Certain paths and structures in Crucible maps are more traveled than others. Be mindful of those and pace yourself accordingly. While camping is frowned upon it is TOTALLY okay to create a perimeter patrol around a key area on the maps. Set up a very small route that you can keep looping. It will help you learn the maps better and also let you stay focused in objective oriented game modes.

Find a Gun that Fits

Find your ” Gun de Jour” and learn it. Dont be afraid to try new tools of destruction either.

Up until recently I pretty much exclusively used a Auto Rifle when entering the crucible. This was simply because it was a fast firing gun and ; I felt gave me the best advantage in the frantic matches I was playing. Dont get stuck in that mentality. Freel free to change it up either mid match or between matches. Granted it is common knowledge that certain gun types are better suited for the rigors of PVP but don’t let that census stop you from experimenting. Once you find something that works ( You’ll know when you find it because your kill ratio will start to improve) stick with it and start leveling it up. You’ll surprise yourself sometimes and find guns that you wouldn’t normally use and don’t assume that the best gun for PVE is a sure thing in the Crucible.

Never Surrender

The Crucible is a brutal PVP experience. In most games you can get a clear idea on whether its you or your chosen loadout that is affecting your performance. In Destiny it is a very murky grey area as to whether or not the entire Crucible experience is balanced properly ( Bungie is continuing to make tweaks even as we speak) and this leads to a great amount of frustration when playing. I have just now started to find my way in this mode and understanding how the game plays combined with the tips above have increased my enjoyment of this part of Destiny immensely. The most important tip I can give you is that you must not give up and succumb to rage .

You will die often and sometimes you may even go on a massive losing streak but I promise you that if you take the time to learn from each kill and each loss you will eventually overcome.

Crucible is a super fun experience and just seeing a bunch of cool customized Guardians running around extracting vengeance on each other is pure awesome. It may not have everything a Multiplayer shooter fan wants in a game but Destiny is still early in its lifespan and I’m sure as time goes on your skill will increase and the game itself will continue to challenge you in new and exciting ways.

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash

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