What is The Division?

The Division is a upcoming game that is poised to bring gamer’s not only a true next Generation experience as far as graphics go but a truly new and exciting concept the likes of which hasn’t been attempted in a video game before!
From a marketing point of view The Division is the equivalent of a cruise missile silently heading towards its destination set to detonate with a massive explosion of pure awesomeness. There has been enough info floating around the net in the form of trailers and interviews/developer briefings that allows us to put together an overview for our Game Nexus community. Get ready…

What we know


When it first came to light that New York city was going to be the sole stomping grounds of our Division Agents I thought that the variety of terrain would be limited to urban sprawls and ruined office buildings. After taking a moment  to put it in perspective I realized that to a small team of players walking on foot in a post apocalyptic’ ish setting like Manhattan; it would actually represent a monumental task to travel the entirety of its landscape.

This is just a sliver of the Open World in The Division

Throw in central Park and all manner of underground tunnels and areas and you have a colossal map for the players to explore and live in!


The players are agents in an organization simply called ” The Division”. You will have the opportunity to create an in game character and customize it to your liking. Next to nothing has been shown of these options to date however in several interviews the Developer ( Massive) has stated that this exists and is a very robust system. The trailers thus far have only shown us a trio of Agents walking the streets of New York/Manhattan

The Story

At its core The Division is an Open World RPG with heavy MMO overtones. That said it will be wrapped up in a nice cozy story that promises to draw players in with its eerily relevant political overtones and perhaps a glimpse of what our world will look like if we don’t be careful in the next 20 years or so.


It is known that the game is running on a new engine that Ubisoft calls ” Snowdrop “. This engine is capable of some truly amazing things and promises to deliver a beyond next gen visual experience for gamers when they boot up The Division this year.


 Since the initial trailers for The Division have hit gamer’s have been struggling to determine what type of game it exactly is; RPG, Shooter, MMO etc. The truth is that the Division is all of these things. At its core however it is an Open World RPG with shooting controls. This means that players will be attacking opponents in real time and while it may appear that ” Twitch” reflexes are the sole factor in determining an outcome they must realize that there is math going on under the hood that dictates things such as accuracy and weapon damage.

Players will be spending a lot of time exploring the city of Manhattan and scavenging supplies to grow stronger and ultimately restore a system of order in the world they inhabit. Many sites are comparing its game play style to the wildly popular PC game ” Day Z” and this looks to be accurate.  Crafting, loot and all the staples of the RPG genre will be present and it even appears that a “Player Base Building” system will be in the game as a way for players to rest and regroup between missions.

For those who live off of shooting other players online; have no fear. The Division has both PVE and PVP modes of play. PVP will take place dynamically in areas called” Dark Zones” and essentially involve 2 or more groups of players meeting up and going at it. Here are some tidbits on the PVP side of The Division.

  • PVP is optional and will not be forced while exploring in the open world
  • Players entering a ” Dark Zone” will have access to loot but only if they can make it out of the ” Dark Zone” alive with it.
  • Up to 100 players will be able to participate in a PVP match according to the Developers. I have no idea how this will even be implemented ! 

Release Date

Having already been pushed back once from its planned 2014 launch; The Division is set to land in 2015 at some point. While no official release date has been announced there are several ” leaks” that suggest we will have our hands on it in October of this year. As well , we have reports that a closed ALPHA test of the game will roll out inn the next few months as a way for UbiSoft to test out its servers and give everyone a taste of what to expect.

One thing is for sure. The Division has been a game that is shrouded in mystery. Contrary to Ubisofts other releases they are very coy and secretive about showing the gaming public anything beyond a few game play trailers. This is both concerning and exciting all at once. The last time we where shown a game by Ubisoft that looked this good was Watchdogs and that game was mired in negative publicity when it launched due to the games graphics and overall presentation being watered down compared to what was shown in trailers leading up  to its launch.

I hope that the Division delivers on everything they have shown so far and that we can look back on these months prior to release and realize that we should have known that good O’l Ubisoft would never have let us down.

I will leave you with a very comprehensive interview courtesy of the folks over at gamereactorTV that fills in a lot of details that I have summarized above.

I hope you liked our overview of The Division and feel free to hit up the comment section with any questions that you may have.

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash

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