Prepare for Neverwinter

Last month select XBOX One users got to participate in the closed Beta for this anticipated MMO for console. Neverwinter has been around for about a year now and while PC players have been playing this Free to Play Dungeons and Dragons MMO us console players can only wait.

Well wait no more! After obtaining the information they needed during the BETA; Cryptic Studios is poised to launch the full version of the game VERY soon. The latest rumblings suggest that the game could launch as early as March.

Having played the Closed Beta myself I can tell you first hand that Xbox gamers are in for a treat. The games aesthetics do not match up  to triple A games currently making the rounds in these days but the amount of depth it has will make anyone who loves RPG’s very happy.

I couldn’t help but compare the game to the recently released Destiny as far as how the social aspect of the game plays out. I know that the two games have nothing in common when it comes to game mechanics and genre’s but as it pertains to ” Social Play”, this Free to Play game just kicked Bungies ass!

having a shared world RPG that allows friends to party up and mingle with other adventurers i a fantasy setting is just pure awesome. Communication is as simple as using an ingame chat interface or even a plentiful list of emotes ( Not just the 4 mapped to a D-Pad).class-selection-cleric

Ill save my full Initial Impressions for when the game launches but its safe to say that if you are looking for a new game to play with friends and are worried about the dreaded ” I’m not getting that game” excuse ( Its FREE!!) that inevitably comes up…well Neverwinter could be your fix.

Keep an eye on your marketplace in March and see if the predictions are true.

Dwayne ” EVO Knight” Morash


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