Star Wars Rebels: Vision of Hope Review

This weeks Rebels Episode introduced viewers to a new aspect of the show that we haven’t seen yet since the show debuted; Betrayal.  The show has done a fine job of balancing its tone this season between a light hearted romp in the pre ” A New Hope” era of the Star Wars Universe and the more darker elements of the Empire and its oppressive control over the universe. This is an ongoing balancing act that Im sure the producers of the show are always aware of and it shows here how effective they are at pulling it off.

Vision of Hope starts off with Kanan conducting a training exercise with Ezra  in a clearing on Lothal. It was interesting to see that the show is jumping right into showing Ezra’s Jedi training rather than taking us on a ” baby step” guide to the training. Im not sure what it is but Im not a big fan of Ezra’s Lightsabre design. I get that he is a tinkerer and his sabre reflects that sensibility by incorporating a blaster in its design but whomever came up with the concept should read some message board forums and see the kind of hate too big of a departure from established sabre designs get…( Im looking at you JJ Abrams)

That aside I will say that the way our Heroes get thrown into this weeks episode tickled my nostalgic bone nicely. The whole vision thing invoked Empire Strikes Back’s “Vision of Cloud city” scene with Luke Skywalker and Yoda except this time Yoda/Kanan was more than happy to go gallivanting on a risky quest to see what it all meant.

So this Senator in exile is waiting to hold a meeting in an abandoned hall?

The basic just to this weeks installment is that the Rebels come across a routine transmission from a Senator-in-exile Gall Trayvis who is sympathetic to the fight against the Empire ( At this point its really only our own Heroes). They realize that the Senator is actually embedding cryptic messages and hint in his transmissions that would lead potential Rebels against the Empire to a rendezvous.  In this case it turns out that the Rendevouz is on the planet Lothan; Kanan and Co.’s stomping grounds. It doesnt take much for the team to decipher the message and head out to meet with the senator in hopes of recruiting him to their cause. The team could always use a older outspoken ex diplomat right ?

The episode moved along at a brisk pace as most Rebels episodes do and never really felt like the producers where glossing over anything important or skipping anything.
That being said if you where to watch this episode as a stand alone viewing without having watched any of the seasons previous stories, then you may have a hard time trying to figure out how all the pieces of this puzzle are fitting together. Characters from previous episodes and references to past events play a strong part of “Vision”.

One gripe I had was how the Rebels managed to figure out where this super secret meeting place was supposed to take place . Th clues where not really well concealed and even Kanan himself voices his disbelief with Ezra simply brushing it aside with a lame excuse ” He’s smart “..Ughhh

Vision of Hope was filled with so many cool scenes ranging from character moments to impressive use of Jedi Force powers  ( The more I see Kanan use the Force the more I’m convinced that his character needs to get some star treatment down the ride….video games anyone?)

Perhaps the coolest scene in the episode was when you start to see Hera get wise to the senators impending betrayal and in a move lifted write from Die Hard ( The first and best one) she hands him a blaster pistol to ” protect himself”. It is then that he turns on the group and use his newly acquired blaster to fire on Ezra and Hera….well thats what he had planned. Channeling her inner John Mclain she makes a witty comment about handing over a loaded blaster and then dispatches him herself. Most of this episodes viewers will not even get the reference; heck I’m not even sure if the writers even realized it but its there in all its Hans Gruber VS Bruce Willis glory!

Mystery, action and betrayal all wrapped up nicely in this weeks episode and even though we didn’t get much in the way of plot development with any of the major characters, we did still get a solid dose of classic Star wars action complete with Storm Troopers who cant hit the broad side of a Bantha Barn!

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash



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